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Jonathan Zulu

Lusaka, Zambia

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Jonathan Zulu


Lusaka, Zambia

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About Me

My name is Jonathan Zulu (Snr), born on 25-11-56. At that time, education was free and inclusive school requirements. I have no idea of who bought my school uniform. All I know is that there was no-one who volunteered to look after me because of which,I was an orphan, I grew up and stayed with many people from primary school up to secondary school. I worked hard and very good at school and that earned me favor and favor saw me through to the end.
Many people that I put up with loved farming and gardening, and I began loving agriculture activities as years went by. When I was done with college and started to work, I also started to look for land on which to do farming and keeping livestock. I am glad, to be on the farm now although, because of lucking finances, little farming activities using hoes is done and vegetables for household consumption are grown and watered by watering canes.
The land on my farm plot is very good for poultry, animal keeping and fertile for agriculture. The community is mixed people of mixed cultures but we get along well with all the farmers near to us.
I love listening to international news and events round about. I love going to church and helping the needy. Also do a lot of pre-marital counseling project ideas to young people.

My Business

I am currently keeping village chickens because I am not able to meet the cost of feed for broilers,due to that fact that an a retired printer by profession. I have just trans-planted some vegetables, tomatoes and onions on a smaller scale. I earnestly hope that, one day my garden and farming activities will be on a large scale.
Vegetables are in high demand as few farmers brave to grow them due to different factors (e.g. transportation, chemicals etc.)
For the new loan, I will commit to selling pig meat whose market is already procured.
In addition to the pig meat business, production of unique Bible events booklets will run side by side.
The above businesses were chosen because they are profitable and chemicals required are less and are affordable too. Profits from the project help us to supplement on paying school fees for three (3) of our children who are in higher learning education institutions and the house we live in is not finished, so we are improving on the building slowly from the same profits.
In 2019, I have decided to venture into the production of unique Bible events booklets to be sold to lovers of the word of God. Hence the application for a loan.
The demand for the unique Bible events booklets is high and I have decided to increase the production of booklets in my next loan once it's approved.
The production and sales of the booklets has been very stead and encouraging including the demand from the target groups.
The first 2020 ZIDISHA loan will be used to further increase marginally the same booklets and improve on the cover outlook which needed graphic attention which when done will boost the demand and sales.

Loan Proposal

This loan once granted will all be used to purchase material requirements to effect the production of unique Bible events booklets only.






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Feb 20, 2019

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3 months

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Service fee: 5% of $399.44 = $8.80

Credit risk payment: $35.30

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