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Martin Asante

Accra, Ghana

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Martin Asante

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August 2020

On-time repayments

77 installments  •  82%

About Me

My name is Martin Asante and I am 43 years old. I live in Ghana with my wife and children, i belong to a Christian family of four, two men and two women, and i am the last born. I completed senior secondary school and decided to face life early and never be poor in life. I am currently working with the Johns Hopkins University center for communications program as an NGO project driver, I don't want to put my eggs inside one basket so i decided to do a personal transport business because NGO work is not permanent at times it ends whiles there is no job vacancy so i decided to do private transport business attached so that i can be in employment all the time. Transport business in Ghana is very lucrative that is why i have passion in it so that i can take care of my children education and give them a better future.

My Business

I do private transport business in Ghana, co- operate people love to patronize it because of comfort, and privacy as compare to the commercial type of transport. There is high demand for it especially when there are activities in town through that i make money and make profit. I used some of my profit to put my vehicle in good working condition so that it can be working all the time and also save some. Recently the Engine became weak and the gearbox and the back axle were malfunctioning so all effort to get a loan to fix it became futile so i started checking on the internet whether i can get an online loan before i got in touch with zidisha.I believe with the assurance and condition zidisha has put in place with prompt or timely repayment of my loans my business will reach far. I have chain of businesses in mind, eg expanding my wife's provision store, Mobile Money business and selling scratch cards as well. I believe doing business with zidisha my dream will come true, i also thank the management, Directors and Lenders all over the world for extending a helping hands to help the less privilege people like me.

Loan Proposal

I operate a private transport business in Ghana, and because the business is lucrative and people are patronizing it there is a demand for more cars to serve the public, recently the car i am using the engine is week and the gearbox was malfunctioning because of that customers are not really happy when they patronize my car that is why i am putting in this loan application to enable me get some loan from zidisha to buy new Engine, Gearbox and back axle for my car for the transport business. The total cost for the entire Engine, gearbox and the back axle is ghs 10,000.But i understood that zidisha will be trusting me gradually for a bigger loan in future so i am patient. With what i am receiving from Lenders i know one day i will get the amount i need.

Income Source

Aside my personal private business as a private transport owner i am a project driver with an NGO and i also get some salary there so i can pull some cash there as well to settle my loan.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Oct 28, 2020

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

1 week

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $1.52

Credit risk payment: $1.27




Tampa, United States


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Gatineau, Canada




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