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Humphrey Kuria

Gakobu Village, Kenya

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Humphrey Kuria

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October 2014

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139 installments  •  27%

About Me

I am 29 years old, single parent with one child. Professionally i am an accountant, Cyber attendant. I finished high school, and later joined College for the accounting course, but due to financial strains and parental duties. i have been on and off classes and examinations, i have managed to reach CPA 3 which i an currently pursuing, through the profits i have been getting through my business (cyber cafe) which started as a Computer services business (printing, typing, photocopy etc) an later managed to upgrade to a Cyber cafe' with 8 Pentium III computer since 2010, lately an the computer have become to slow for the demand of the fast computer and quick services for urgent clients, the good thing a bout the area i am in is that there is a vast and big number of clients around because the area where the business is located in the Central Business District (CBD) - Nairobi and near a major bus terminal, i would need the loan to add new and fast Pentium IV computers, that would be fast, and quick for the new customer and loyal number of customers i have managed to attract so far. On the weekends love watching movies and spending time with my young son.

My Business

I have a cyber business, that is located at the CBD - Nairobi, dealing with Cyber services, typing, printing, lamination, design. due to technology these services are useful and on demand especially to the vast number of client, and services demanded by client and new customers, e.g. Document printing, paper work, photocopy, Cv's for the people seeking employment, Wedding cards. i choose this king of business because of the never ending demand for the services, eg. printing and photocopy is required regularly by students, wedding cards for people still get married, and cyber for people seeking job opportunity through the internet. my typical cost for the business monthly 35,000/= (including rent, electricity, and materials) and the revenues being 50,000/= -60,000/= monthly, the profit i use it to pay for my young son's upkeep, my rent, food, transport, and Tuition if the the month is good. currently i just added a new CPU machine and the client are happy and shows a lot of promise if i add new and more machines.

Loan Proposal

with the loan i intend to buy the remaining computers CPUs, to have a complete set of pentium IV computers, costing at around Kshs 15,000/- each , this will make the browsing more faster and speedy, thus saving both time and money for customers and thus be able to serve a larger and great number of customers who want my services/ cyber/ browsing. this will in turn increase my earnings and income as a whole by around 15-20 percent.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Dec 3, 2015

Repayment status


Projected term

22 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $7.23

Humphrey opted to pay $112.11 into the Zidisha Members Loan Fund in return for a higher starting credit limit.



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