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Disbursed Amount: $423.57
Date Disbursed: Feb 20, 2017
Repayment Status: On Time
Repayment Frequency: Weekly Projected Term: 4 months
Cost of Loan: $21.08
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Service Fee: 5% of $423.57 = $21.08

About Me

Catherine Fordjour is my name.I completed school at new amakom M/A j.h.s at kumasi in the year 2008.After i completd junior high school i was able to enter Asankrangwa senior high school at wassa amenfi west in the western region,i completed senior high school at the year 2013.After the completion of senior high school due to financial situation I could not further my education to the tertiary or at the University level, but I was not afraid and didn't loose hope, I pray to God for another level in life so that I hopefully cope with the struggle of life. One of my elder brother have to sell his television sets, and gave me the money to start a business of selling provision Hawking,latter on the table on the road side before moving to store room.

My Business

I worked by selling toffees,biscuits,bread,sugar,gari,and many more, in all it was a provision. My business became very attractive and loving to my neighbors, I was very friendly and funny when selling, when my business stopped from Hawking to table my customers did not refused to buy from me, they and sometimes take car to come and purchase what they want. Finally I have to open a store room very closed to where I usually do my table business, because I have safe an amount of which I calculated and I know it do, my business was moving well and sometimes down small, then my best friend introduced me to Zidisha community and later invited me.

Loan Proposal

My great lenders i will buy the loan fund with items like sugar,gari,rice,tooth paste,toothbrush,and some drinks like rush energy drinks,5 star energy drinks,luccozade energy drinks,blue gens energy drinks,don simon and don garcia.My lenders if am able to get all these items i will get much incomes to support my family and my self.Thank you very much,may God bless you.

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Provisions store

Catherine Fordjour
Asankrangwa, Ghana

100% Repaid