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Nicholas Odaga

Nairobi, Kenya

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Nicholas Odaga

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December 2021

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About Me

I am a Kenyan citizen born and raised in Nairobi City in a family of 6. I did a degree course in Sociology at Moi University and a professional certificate course in accounting, CPA. I am currently pursuing an online master's degree at Quantic school of business and technology. I am the first person in my family to go to the university as life was not always easy. Growing up I used to love reading and creating solutions to problems because most times I was away from school due to tuition fees so I had to come up with ways of catching up with the other students in order to maintain good grades. The hardships in life taught me a very valuable lesson of treasuring everything that I have and It is through these hardships that I thought of poultry farming. Many people from my locality consume eggs and chicken regularly and the current supply is not meeting the demand.

My Business

I am a poultry farmer selling chickens and eggs in Nairobi City within my neighborhood. I deal with the traditional indigenous breeds because of their high demand and less supply in my locality. Their eggs are very nutritious and high in protein level. The meat is also low in fat and helps keep bones healthy. I chose to venture into this business because of its many health benefits to the consumer. Chicken is one of the best foods for growing children as it has a lot of amino acids that help children grow tall and strong and it has niacin which helps lower cholesterol and keeps the heart healthy.
I feed them on homemade feed rations and sometimes allow them to free-range because of their strong immunity as compared to the other breeds. I spend roughly Ksh.4000 per month on transport, food supplements, and medication and I get a revenue of Ksh.8500. The profit of Ksh. 4,500 I reinvest in growing and expanding the business.

Project Proposal

I would like to add 5 more chickens to my business so as to increase the value of the business. This increase will help to meet the current demand which has drastically gone up and it will also increase the production of eggs and boost sales greatly. The demand has gone up due to the many health benefits of chickens and therefore this increase will promote good health in my neighbourhood as more people will be able to consume nutritious eggs and chicken.
This increase will increase profits by 25%.





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Dec 1, 2021

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