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Elizabeth Kanyora

Free Area, Kenya

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Elizabeth Kanyora

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May 2014

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About Me

My names are Elizabeth Kanyora. I am last born in a family of five and was born in Laikipia County Kenya. In a village called Karaba where I studied through my primary school education and finished on the year 2006. I joined Karangia Day High school in Nyeri County in the year 2007 where I went through my secondary education. I mostly fascinated by the art and craft subject and it was among my best performed subjects at the National exams KCSE at the end of year 2010. My sister being my motivation of continuing my art and craft dreams advised me to join a local polytechnic to study design of clothes and tailoring. After I joined a local polytechnic in the year 2012 where I studied tailoring and finished in December 2013. Within the polytechnic I studied crucial skills like first drawing the design of dresses using a pencil on paper and then implementing the design on the material by cutting into right sizes. Actually, I followed the steps of my sister Patricia Kanyora who took the same course at the same polytechnic her success in this business additionally attracted to it. I afterwards joined her at Free Area Nakuru to earn myself some income in January 2014. The whole of this year has been a busy year for me in dealing with clients. She has trained me and I have also acquired my customers. The exposure in my sister place of work has enabled me gain confidence to be on my own. I started saving small amounts of money and by June I had saved 55 dollars which I decided to buy my own second hand. The money that I have been saving I purchased a second hand Singer sewing machine. After seeing what my sister has accomplished through the two loans she has took on Zidisha and that I had my own dreams to accomplish She therefore decided to invite me to Zidisha to present my proposal.

My Business

I am a tailor by profession. My job involves designing and tailoring clothes and embroidery. Currently, I am involved in designing, tailoring clothes in addition to repairing them. I had the advantage of being trained by my sister and acquiring my customers. I have been in this business from the start of the year and I have gained a lot of experience whilst dealing with both my sisters customers and my customers. Looking at the two loans she got from Zidisha and the flexible repayment patterns I believe that I will be able to the loan. The additional fact that it is not a new business am starting is another reason that the business will not collapse and thus my lenders will be ensured of the return of their money. I have been having my customers when working with my sister and I have been making 60-80 dollars a month. In the month of July when I started my business and I made 83 dollars, my earnings have increased in the month of August to 90 dollars since I have acquired more customers. This amount I have been sharing with my sister since I have borrowing her clothes making materials such as garments and scissors but I want to buy my own materials and scissors in order to make more profits. Thus making my earnings as little as 45-50 dollars a month. My vision is to make more money by the help of your lending. Am borrowing 150 dollars, 100 dollars will be used to purchase clothes materials or garments 50 dollars to purchase scissors and sewing threads.

Loan Proposal

i am borrowing 153 dollars which will be used as follows: 100 dollars to purchase clothes materials/garments and 53 dollars to purchase additional tailoring apparatus such as scissors, sewing threads including other tools. i would like to urge my lenders and promise them that i will promptly pay the amount lent to be without delay since my business is already started. the items am going to purchase will relieve me the duty of having to borrow and share my proceeds. The purpose behind asking for this loan is to be able to become independent from my sister whom i have been borrowing these items then later repaying. i have vision to expand my business later by buying another machine in future and employing one person to help me since the tailoring job in this area is booming.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Oct 2, 2014

Repayment status


Projected term

20 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $149.55 at 6.97% annual rate over 20 months = $17.64

Service fee: $9.25




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