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Samuel Gambaa

Accra, Ghana

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Samuel Gambaa

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About Me

I am Samuel Gambaa, a young man with three goals. I grew up in a small village called Yameriga in the northern part of Ghana, a West African country. Life in the village is strikingly different from that of the city; there is no enabling environment for youth with meaningful goals to thrive. Therefore, I thought it wise to move to the city, at least I might find an opportunity there to help achieve my dreams.
The dream of having a freewill at the workplace which I definitely believe can best be achieved through entrepreneurship and not as an employee.
The dream of being a family man which means not getting married to my job.
Finally, the dream of being a motivator and role model to the younger generation; to have a sustainable business where I can employ the younger generation and to teach and nurture them to be independent through entrepreneurship. Many young Africans after graduating from college or varsity are seeking to be employed instead of creating jobs themselves through the knowledge they have acquired at school. They don’t have the spirit of being entrepreneurs, and to find an excuse, they push all blames on lack of finance. I personally believe acquiring a huge sum of money to start a business is not always the deal. Get the right business idea, implement it with the little you have, flavour it with hard work, commitment and determination: that is the spirit of entrepreneurship. When this is done, the rest of the story would be nothing less than a success story.

My Business

Knowing well that my parents could barely support my education after high school, I moved to Accra, the capital city of Ghana for pastures new. I got a security job after a couple of days in Accra. A few months later I bought a bicycle to use for food delivery as most jobs, notably security job, are not flexible and not well paid.
Currently, I`m into food delivery with my bicycle as my means of transport. I strongly believe that with the help of the wonderful Zidisha family, I would be able to acquire a new motorbike which will help me increase my productive time and also expand my clientele base.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. I am convinced that with hard work, commitment and prudence, bigger things will come my way. In all, I express my heartfelt appreciation to those here who are willing to help me propel my goals to fruition. Thanks to the whole Zidisha community for this life-changing platform.

Project Proposal

Currently, I am using my bicycle for Bolt Food delivery business. My goal is to buy a motorbike, God willing, by the end of January 2023 for the delivery business to earn more income. I believe strongly that with the help of Zidisha community, I would be able to achieve my goal at the postulated time.





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Aug 6, 2022

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  • Samuel Gambaa    Aug 6, 2022

    I am super excited for your genuine act of kindness, dear JessieD, dear Christian Golo, dear Sheila, dear Laban, dear CMB, and dear Nelson Mutwa. I am sincerely thankful for your efforts to see me fulfill this dream one day. I promise I will never fail you all ( by God’s grace) until that day: when your very eyes shall see me standing by that very new motorbike.
    I am hoping my credit limit would increase to US$1000.00 thereabout in January next year in order for me to acquire the bike by then.
    Until then, I would always need your fervent support to reach this milestone.
    Many thanks!

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  • Sheila Chepkemei    Aug 5, 2022

    Keep up with the good work

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  • Samuel Gambaa    Aug 4, 2022

    I am very grateful to my backer for her kindness. With her help I am able to invest my previous loan towards the purchase of a motorcycle for food delivery business.

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