Purchase of a printer and printing materials

Gladys Kavuvi

Nakuru, Kenya

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Gladys Kavuvi

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August 2014

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69 installments  •  84%

About Me

when i was growing up i knew that my success in life was tied up in education because that is something with which i i did not struggle. by the time i got to university, i realized that my talents would open more doors for me than education would, so i decided to start doing the things that i knew well to do as a part time activity and for me this was in the beautification industry. i loved making people's hair, manicure, pedicure and other beauty services. i was doing great although i did not have a specific place to work from, therefore, i decided to open a business in the beautification industry once i was out of university. the decision to join the industry was inspired by the fact that many young people in my country are jobless, therefore, opening such a business would not just be beneficial to me but would create job opportunities for other young people. it is my aim to become one of the renowned business people in the beautification industry by creating more jobs for young people in my country.

My Business

as mentioned in my profile, i am in the beautification industry where i own a salon within my neighborhood although at a very young stage. so far the business is picking up well enough. however, a business in the beautification industry is well suited if placed in more populated areas like town centers. so far i have managed to bring on board two more people who help me in carrying out daily activities but my vision does not end there. there are many people in towns who do not have anything to do, therefore, if i located my business in such places i would be able to raise more income and create more jobs for young people. the expansion of my business requires financial support which i lack, and for me to achieve my set standards and expectations i must not just move to more populated areas but also diversify the products we offer. any financial help towards this course can be the breakthrough i need for the next level.

Loan Proposal

I intend to expand my online writing career to include designing, and the production of different materials for companies within my locality. As such, I require a printing machine that can produce high quality products as well as printing materials, both plastic and papers that will be used to produce the designed items. Kenya is at the takeoff stage in technology and I want to be among the first achievements in this industry. I therefore request you lenders to kindly make my dream come true by assisting me with the stated amount of money. Thank you.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Aug 11, 2015

Repayment status


Projected term

6 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $20.04



Jake Gibson and Beverly Picardo

San Francisco, United States

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Feb 21, 2016


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Aug 23, 2015 $20.00 Aug 23, 2015 $20.00
Aug 30, 2015 $5.00 Aug 31, 2015 $5.00
Sep 6, 2015 $5.00 Sep 6, 2015 $5.00
Sep 13, 2015 $5.00 Sep 13, 2015 $5.00
Sep 20, 2015 $1.00 Sep 20, 2015 $1.00
Sep 27, 2015 $1.00 Sep 27, 2015 $1.00
Oct 4, 2015 $1.00 Oct 4, 2015 $1.00
Oct 11, 2015 $1.00 Oct 11, 2015 $1.00
Oct 18, 2015 $1.00 Oct 18, 2015 $1.00
Oct 25, 2015 $1.00 Nov 2, 2015 $1.00
Nov 1, 2015 $1.00 Nov 3, 2015 $1.00
Nov 8, 2015 $1.00 Nov 23, 2015 $1.00
Nov 15, 2015 $1.00 Dec 2, 2015 $1.00
Nov 22, 2015 $1.00 Dec 2, 2015 $1.00
Nov 29, 2015 $1.00 Dec 2, 2015 $1.00
Dec 6, 2015 $1.00 Dec 7, 2015 $1.00
Dec 13, 2015 $1.00 Dec 14, 2015 $1.00
Dec 20, 2015 $1.00 Dec 21, 2015 $1.00
Dec 27, 2015 $56.32
Jan 3, 2016 $56.32
Jan 10, 2016 $56.32
Jan 17, 2016 $56.32
Jan 24, 2016 $56.32
Jan 31, 2016 $56.32
Feb 7, 2016 $56.32
Feb 14, 2016 $56.32
Feb 21, 2016 $7.24