Purchase of dairy farming equipment

Arlington Omushieni

Kiamuyeki, Kenya

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Arlington Omushieni

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March 2016

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About Me

This is my third loan-funding attempt after the first one and second was only funded and expired at 6% and another expired at 20%. This could not have achieved what I had planned and this is the reason am applying again.

My name is Arlington Omushieni a retired civil servant who wants to venture to commercial indigenous poultry project. I decided to venture into this avenue as it has promising rewards in our locality.

I also plan to expand later and start incubation process and feed mixing business. The chicks will be sold locally and the feeds to my neighbors and God willing to the whole country.

My Business

I will be selling chicken meat, eggs and at a later stage chicks. This will not only be enough to repay the loan but allow for some saving as well. As the business expands i intend to venture into agro-processing whereby i will slaughter and package poultry meat for the market, process poultry manure to contribute towards promotion of organic farming and reduce green house gases.

I am now applying my second loan through Zidisha to enable diversify to dairy farming. The first loan was very helpful because, I have been able to be self sufficient in chicken eggs and poultry meat, which am able to sell the surplus to my neighborhood.

I am planning to buy a one and half year old heifer which I will tend and serve it when it's two years. After 9 months, I will be having a calf and the cow which will be producing milk for both my consumption and selling.

Subsequently, I will keep adding a cow every year for another two or three years.

This together with the poultry business will have enable me pay school fees for my children and save the rest.

I trust that Zidisha will enable me achieve my dreams.

I now want to apply for third loan after successfully repaying my second one. I want to buy another cow to increase my dairy herd. Dairy farming in my country is a lucrative and has bright future ahead that can transform one's financial capabilities.

This is my 4th Zidisha loan that I am apply to upgrade my livestock business as it has proved to be lucrative and since I started with the profits have been steadily raising by about 60% every calving season, in addition to having a large herd.1```

This is my fifth loan from Zidisha . The funds have helped me to expand my business. I intend to use this particular loan to purchase and add another heifer to increase my dairy herd.

The loan am applying for will be used to expand my dairy herd by purchasing an additional heifer to increase milk production by 20 per cent

Loan Proposal

The loan will be used to purchase dairy feed milling machine $550 'dairy feed material $450 to enable my profits increase.

Cost of Dairy Feed Material
Wheat Pollard $100
Maize Jam - $100
Wheat Bran - $50
Maize Bran - $50
Sunflower Seedcake - $30
Bonemeal - $50
Fishmeal - $50
Premix -$10
DCP - $5
Multivitamins -$5

My profits will increase by more than 75% and I plan to repay all my loans on time.






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jul 5, 2018

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On Time

Projected term

3 months

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Service fee: $41.67

Credit risk payment: $166.70



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