Stock of exercise books and pens for the new school year

Mercy Jowi

Siaya, Kenya

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Mercy Jowi

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March 2017

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About Me

I am the first born in a family of five. I have worked before for 7 years as a teacher of ICT and Computer Studies. I realized that what I was doing did not give me room for self employment and i have always had a passion for graphic design. I enrolled for a design course and went ahead to get 1 year industrial experience as a Junior Graphic Designer in a design firm.

While growing up I worked in the family business (bookshop) during school holidays. Therefore getting into business almost came naturally for me. In 2014 I opened a stationery shop and did graphic design on the side. I used gratuity that I got from my job as a teacher. It was $1500 that I used as my capital.

I am a gifted cook in most meals, but I choose to call myself a chapati specialist. I also have a liking for fashion and much of what I wear is thrifted but upcycled and repurposed to fit varied styles I would want to have. In my judgement one outfit should give me at least 5 ways of styling it.

My Business

I run a stationery shop (school, office and personalized. I moved to a bigger office space and I have diversified and included bottled juices, water and milk in a partition of the business. I also run an MPESA within the stationery business. I have of late added Equity and Co-operative Bank Agency banking.

The goods I sell are always in season but the peak is usually when schools are in season which is 9 months in a year.

I chose selling stationery because the goods do not face the challenge of revision as textbooks which make one end with dead stock. Juices, milk and water was to meet the demand of customers who wanted alternative to sodas which are the popular soft drinks. The MPESA provided an 'easy' investment with capability to fit in the same premise without constrain in space.

The costs I incur in running the business is rent, salary, watchman fees and electricity bills. This comes to Kshs. 19700 per month. Though there are also annual fees of licence and accountant fees.

The profits I get I reinvest in the business and a little I set aside for personal development like currently I am working on building my own house.

If I get a loan it will enable me to have enough stock to meet my customer demands especially during the peak period when the supply from suppliers is usually stretched. With enough stock I can also gain from bulk purchasing and start offering sales at a wholesale too.

Loan Proposal

I am asking for another loan to purchase exercise books and writing pens which will be in demand at the beginning of year 2018. The exercise books will cost $210 and the pens will cost $50.

When I buy this early it means that when everyone will be buying at the last minute and finding much of the items out of stock, I shall already be having what I need. This means that my clients will find the items they require.

I expect to get 30% increase in profit from the sales of the items. The profits will be invested back into the business.





  • guenter    Dec 14, 2019

    Mercy payed back in advance! Very great borrower. Mercy kept uns informed, posted some updates, very appreciated!

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  • Angi    Apr 15, 2018

    People like you are the reason why I support zidisha. Regular payments, great communication. I am very happy that your business is doing well and wish you all the best for your future!

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  • David    Apr 15, 2018

    Made regular payments, finishing the six-month loan in less than four months. The regular updates and photos are also much appreciated. We wish you continued success.

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Classic Loan

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Sep 23, 2017

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On Time

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3 months

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Service fee: $11.53



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