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Akua Dansowaa Kwarteng

Oda, Ghana

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Akua Dansowaa Kwarteng

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August 2015

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23 installments  •  74%

About Me

I was born in Ghana and had my education in i the same country. After completing my Junior High School from Cosmos Basic School,I continued to a Senior High School and read General Arts which includes Economics,Geography and Maths. I then furthered my education in a tertiary institution called Methodist University College and also read Accounting..

Now the fact that my father did not agree to my starting of this business was a great hardship to me. This is because after completing the university, society expects you to strictly work from the office. Fortunately, i encouraged myself because i know where i want to be in life considering the kind of passion I have for establishing my business. As my father realised that truelly this is the kind of passion his daughter had, he is not too worried about my decision because i encouraged him that I can make it in this business.Now everything in this business proves it because it is gradually growing.

I started this business by following this strong desire of designing dresses. As a result during my period of working with a big company in Ghana (Airtel call center), i decided to have a short training from a nearby fashion designer and because it was an in dwelt desire, it was so easy for me to take this course of which i hope to advance in this area of business.

I have a unigue culture in the land I live in and operate my business. It is really friendly related and also hospitable. We are also result oriented. When we decide on a decision and I mean a positive one, we really work at it to achieve our goals.

I am currently not married and so i do not have any child yet. when i give birth, i would surely guide them to become what they want to be in future.

My hobby had always been, the designing of dresses for my friends. I picked pieces of fabric to always design dresses hence my decision to go for this type of business

My Business

My type of business provides an already made dress and i also take orders from my customers to work on their fabric. With already made dresses i mean to say that i buy the fabric and design it with my own style in mind and sell it to some customers.

These goods are the dresses i make for my customers. Now in Ghana so much premium is placed on our traditional cloth. This is because my people have come to appreciate and really patronize our local dresses which are made with our cloth. Sometimes, i combine the local cloth with foreign fabric to come up with unique designs and this is so much appreciated in my country. As a result, most companies have ordered their employees to even wear theses dresses every Friday in the week.

I actually chose this business because it has been my passion since my childhood and it is my inner strength as a result i find it so easy working in this area although it comes with some challenges.

Concerning the cost and revenue i make purchases of fabric and other sewing accesories with average total between 80,100,150 GHS weekly. My weekly revenue ranges from 200,250,300 GHS. I trust that when I am able to access this loan I would be able to buy a maniquin(hand made human images which displays the dress) to display and showcase the dresses i make. Hence sales would increase which would enhance the payments of my instalments.

I normally use the profit for reinvestment in growing the business. For instance, i buy more fabric and sewing accesories.

Loan Proposal

I want to buy a hand made image that displays my dresses and the price in in dollars is $75.

When I am able to purchase it would increase my sales level and also boost my confidence. Hence, my clientele base would also increase.

I expect my profit to double because i also know my sales would grow. For example i make weekly profit between 100,150 and some times 200 GHS. So it can increase to between200,300 and400 GHS.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Aug 18, 2015

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

5 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $2.41

Akua Dansowaa opted to pay $18.99 into the Zidisha Members Loan Fund in return for a higher starting credit limit.




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