Purchase of snails for breeding

Chioma Ihebereme

Owerri, Nigeria

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Chioma Ihebereme

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November 2019

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About Me

My name is Dr (Mrs) Chioma Ihebereme. I am a Lecturer by profession but have snail farm business. The snail farm business started out of my initiative and flare for livestock business. I started my snail farm in a cage well prepared for snail habitation. At first, i sell the mature snails to my colleagues and make supply to individual homes on demand. When i saw that there was high demand for my snails, i
quickly expanded my snail farm using a farm space in my compound. As the snails mature ,i deemed it necssary to negotiate with hotels and fast food outfits for a contract to be supplying snails to them. Fortunately, my proposal was granted and i started supplying snails to hotels and fast good ooutfit. I equally supply snails to traders that sell snail in the market. I also do home delivery to individuals. Of a truth, i realize sufficient money from snail sales. Subsequently, i use the money i got from my snail sales to pay school fees for my children, settle other educational needs for my children and operate educaton fund account for my children. As my snail farm business grows and progresses, i partitioned my snail and employ few workers to assist me. In this direction, their salary will be included in the expenses from the snail sales. Expenses are equally made when training workshop are organized for the recruited workers. Snail farm business is challenging but rewarding if utmost dedication is ascribed to it's service delivery. I sincerely enjoy the snail business because there is high demand for it's consumption hence sales are quickly made and profit realized.

My Business

My business is Snail farm. It is very lucrative but money is heavily involved for it's maintenance.. My income source for my snail farm business is mainly from my salary as a Lecturer by profession. Then, the other source is from loan. I channel sixty percent of my salary to my snail farm business business. My snail farm business has given me opportunities to be invited to deliver lectures in conferences , workshops and seminars natiowide, on how to start and sustain snail farm business. I passionately love my snail farm business because it has given me positive exposure and my snail sale revenue has greatly assisted in my family upkeep.

Loan Proposal

I will use the loan to buy baby brown snails for breeding in my snail farm. The breeding of baby brown snails duration is two weeks to get matured snails due for consumption. I will sell the matured snails to my various customers either in the market or on demand by hospitals, catering section, hotels, individual families, restaurants and schools.. Fortunately, christmas cerebration period for Christain is fast approaching next month December. Lots of ceremony like Wedding ceremony, Birthday ceremony, Naming ceremony and others will take place, I envisage high demand of snails for snail pepper soup. It' is worthy to note that snail has nutrition value.

Income Source

It is obvious that the economic climate is not very favourable to most business. But my snail farm is still flourishing because it deals with consumable. People are poised at ensuring that they are well- fed with nutritional valued edibles. So snails have nutrition value and individuals crave for it. My years of experience in my snail farm business and escalated patronage of my snails was my conviction that I will always make profit from sell of snails from my snail farm. I have many customers from hotels, schools, hospitals, restaurants, banks, markets and other firms in my area that patronize me daily. I am convinced that I will realize enough money to repay my loan.

My Videos

Jan 19, 2021: Chioma ihebereme's snail farm business






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Classic Loan

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Dec 4, 2020

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On Time

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8 weeks

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Service fee: $38.43

Credit risk payment: $38.43



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