Purchasing 700 chicks as commercial layers

Geoffrey Mwaniki

Nairobi, Kenya

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Geoffrey Mwaniki

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July 2013

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About Me

My name is Geoffrey Mwaniki, I reside in Nairobi County, Embakasi District, Fedha Estate. I was born in Machakos County, Kathiani Division, Kaani Sub Location. It is 12km from Machakos Town to Kaani town. And approximately 400 meters off Machakos Kitui road. There is a school next to my farm called St Catherine Girls High School. I am married to Edith Baru and we have been blessed with a baby boy called Nathanael Mwaniki.He is now 4 and half years. I have been farming for the last 6 years. What started as a passion has now grown to be an established business thanks to Zidisha loans which has helped me to grow my farming business.

My Business

I am in agribusiness where I practice mixed farming. I have a Green house where I grow tomatoes and capsicums. I am also in poultry where I have 200 indigenous birds. I also have cattle and have also planted pawpaws and mangoes. I have experienced tremendous growth over the last 2 years that I have been in the business. For example, I started with 5 she goats and 1 he goat and now I have over 20 goats. In the area of Poultry, I have been able to construct a house which can hold over 2,000 birds from proceeds from the farm which am planning to stock as soon as possible. I have been also able to plant over 1,000 pawpaw trees which will mature in the next 1 year. Already I have around 100 mature pawpaw trees which I sell the fruits to my customers in Nairobi.The climate condition in our area is very good for fruits which many customers prefer them because of the sweetness.

Loan Proposal

I want to purchase commercial layers to boost my stock and also to grow my income. I intend to buy 700 chicks. Each chick will cost 1 U.SD which will bring a sum of 700 U.SD. I also intend to buy the initial feeds for the 700 chicks. Each chick will consume 2.5kg for the first 8 weeks.When i get this loan i will be able to buy the feeds for the 8 weeks.A bag of 50kg is costing 23 U.SD. given each chick is consuming 2.5kgs, the flock of 700 will consume 1,750 kgs which is equivalent to 35 bags of 50 kgs. So Total cost of this feeds will be 35 bags by 23 Dollars which is 805 U.SD. I will use the additional 200 U.SD to buy disinfectant to wash the place where I will brood the chick and also buy charcoal to providing the chick with the required warmth for the first 3 weeks. The remainder of the money which will be about 250 U.SD I will buy the growers mash which is given after the first 8 weeks of the chicks. I will be so grateful if you consider my Loan Propasal. Thanking you in advance.






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Classic Loan

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Oct 20, 2017

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21 months

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Service fee: $116.08

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