Starting a quail farm

Albert Mutoya

Lusaka, Zambia

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Albert Mutoya

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July 2019

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About Me

My names are Albert Mutoya, I am a Zambia citizen born in the year 1991.
Growing up in a family of 4 and a single parent, finances were a challenge. I wanted to pursue a degree in IT but rather diverted to study a certificate in Insurance in 2013 because that would save me more money and time.
I, later on, decided to add loss adjuster claims to my resume which later in time was of great value to me as it helped me get employment.
I am currently working at a private insurance company as a corporate business assistant and planning my best to raise money for a brighter future.

My Business

I don't have a place of business at the moment this is on one of the future projects on my list. I am currently undertaking multiple businesses just so I can raise enough money to sustain my self and assist my family. My main business is poultry farming am selling Quail meat and eggs. Check this link

I also sale phone accessories such as headphones. I also sale Talk time, electricity units and Television subscription via a mobile network authorized application called Kazang. Other business i have ventured into is selling of 5kg packaged Nakonde rice which is going at K100 each.

My future business plans are.
1. Opening business centre were I will have mobile money services, Zoona, kazang, Zanaco Express, phone accessories and FNB express.

2. Opening a Restaurant in one of the busy places in Lusaka.

3. I also want to venture into farming to help promote food security in my country.

4. My last and important future plan is something that will help me return to the community. (orphanage home for children, Youth empowerment and responding to disaster relief charities )

The reason I want to have so many business is to help in Jobs creation for the youths and also if one business fails I will have others that I will be getting income from.

Loan Proposal

Dear Lenders,
I hope you are well.

Thank you for this opportunity to apply for another loan.

I will use this loan to start my quails farm.
The following is the items that will buy.
1. Timber for making the cages.
2.Feeders and drinkers.
4. 36 Hens and 4 Roosters.

This will be for a start. I will be selling Quails for meat once they are ready.

Thank you.
Best regards
Albert Mutoya





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Classic Loan

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Mar 3, 2020

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On Time

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2 months

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Service fee: $15.68

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