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About Me

Am Chrispus M. Peter. An entrepreneur and an IT Professional based in Nairobi Kenya.

I love Art same as Technology. My hobbies led me to who i am today as one of my ambitions has always been 'making money from what i love doing'. Having read most of successful business ideas have always germinated from what the proprietors had a passion about.

Well, in that case,I developed interest in Graphic Design and Music and found my own ways of mastering the two arts while still in School. Immediately after School in 2011, i started Abriels Corporate Element;an advanced Graphic & Design company offering computer graphic services and bulk printing for corporates.

You can read more about me in Wikipedia - (

My Business

Abriels Corporate Element started in 2011 and was registered as a company in 2012.
Back then it was just a graphic studio with one computer and a HP Deskjet Printer as i can recall. Within a span of those few years, Abriels has grown to be a brand on her own and diversified her wings to offering other services that still align to my all times ambition, " Making Money from What i Love doing".

Apart from Graphic Design, the company is curently offering Web Design services, Branding and Signage, Professional Photography, Audio Recording and Music Production. We now have 3 studio, Graphic Studio,Photography Studio and Recording Studio sections. The company has created employment for 5 people; 3 permanent staff and two on commission.

Loan Proposal

Sound Proof environment is a vital element in a recording studio. In order to ensure quality audio recording and professional audio mastering, the studio needs to be well sound proofed with material that absorb sound and eliminate echoes from the walls and floor.

I have already done partitions for the studio and sound proofed the booth, but the producer's cubicle,where Audio Mastering and Mixing (The actual Process of making Music) takes place, is still not yet sound proofed.

The 60 % of the money will be used to purchase the Sound Proof Material, 20 % is for the consumables,such as screws and glue, then 20 % will be the labour of the sound engineer.

When the sound is well proofed, then the quality is assured and more good music is gonna come out of the Abriels recording studio, Meanwhile you can listen to some of our Audios we have produced under this unstable environment at our soundcloud channel ( of which the quality is not bad but a sound engineer can pick out some of the defects on the music caused by Unstable Vocal Mastering and Mixing Environmment. You can also Stream Live at our online radio station at or det our Android/Iphone App(Mizizi Radio) from respective stores and get the latest release from Abriels Studio





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Classic Loan

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Aug 1, 2015

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2 months


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