Renting more land and buying seeds

Joyce Mwega

Naivasha, Kenya

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Joyce Mwega

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February 2015

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About Me

Am a single cute lady who was born not long time ago.I was born in kiambu county and thats my home village .I went to school not very far from home in just a local primary, Later i went in a high school in the sama county known as kambaa Girls.M y family is not that wellup but by the grace of God i made it to high school and now in college, am doing a degree in Animal health.Am hopping to become a veterinary Doctor in future

My Business

I love doing business because its the key to success.i operate a small business in our small farm at home where i plant vegetables where i sell in the local market.i usually make ksh 3000 per week through that small business and thus making around ksh 12000 per month.That money helps me pay my house rent when am in school and even help me buy food and some other things for house upkeep.I believe i have fallen in the safe hand s that will help me increase my product in the business.When i get this money , i will be able to add my stock in the shamba (farm). I will use ksh 1000 to buy some seeds and the rest for farm preparations.

Loan Proposal

Hello zidisha I appreciate your help...I would love to rent out more land to plant more kales and will cost me around 150$ annually..also I will hire few workers to cultivate and also to plant which will cost me around 20$ I will also buy seeds for my whole land which will cost me around 430$ and also buy few farming tools that will cost me around 20$..this will increase my profit in a very big way since the products are in high demand in this area where we are supplying even schools...I will be humbled if you consider my application.. thank you






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Nov 10, 2017

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Projected term

40 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $22.95




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