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Daniel Chilembo

Ndola, Zambia

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Daniel Chilembo

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May 2017

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28 installments  •  89%

About Me

My name is Daniel Chilembo, a Second borne member of our family and we are four Boys and a Lady who is the third family member.I grow up helping mom do make baby suites though She was a Teacher by profession while Dad was a Mine Chemist by profession. He worked in Zccm up until 1992 when i was doing my senior Secondary school. Dad liked farming so we had two farming felds and every time we were selling our farm produce and also sent us to deliver baby suites to different families. This selling thing has gotten stake in my whole life and now i am running a Butchery shop with my family of three kids my first born helping my wife when am at work in Lafarge Cement were i work in production department. I have a Diploma in Production and Operations Management and my son graduated with a Diploma in Mining Environmental. This coming September my son is returning into Copper Belt University to finish his degree while am also getting my degree by December this year and my Second borne girl is sitting for her grade Nine exam this year while our little smallest girl is starting Primarily Education. All this is happening besides our family business and i fill my life is a success

My Business

I started a Butchery shop after doing lots of personal businesses and after a good thought it came to my mind that we should have a family business in case things don't go well at work. This Butchery shop business was started in 2014 October after obtaining legislation documents from Government were by now we're making atleast $30 proft per day at the moment and we have been putting it back into the business from the time we started. Most of the house hold requirements are now coming from the business although we are not get stable but soon we shall hit the held point and start buying things.

Loan Proposal

This loan will help me to put more ernegy in my business for now because we are still growing. More importantly to keep the business in sharp because the challenge is quiet strong so we need to maintain our position. Some time changes in the business environment require timely response ,so we shall decide to add the money on Beef, Polk, chicken and processing supplement requirement like Spices. Buying beef cacuses costs $2.7 per Kilogram while Polk costs $2.6 per kilogram. The spices involved in this case are those needed in making Sausages about $31,25 is used for 50kgs of Sausages produced. The money qualified for now can buy me 40kgs of Pig meat or 1/4 of cattle or 40 kgs of chicken which goes for $2.08 per Kilogram. This is just a little push in the whole thing and its worth it because in business I have learned that it is important to learn as you not just to up on the huge bite.The chances for my business survival is in followup on what customers are asking for and looking for cheapest source.The benefit is about ( 0.125% proft )





Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Nov 7, 2017

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On Time

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6 weeks

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Service fee: $2.60


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