Selling arrowroots, yams, cassava, etc., in Nairobi

Dorcas Kaimenyi

Nairobi, Kenya

42% repaid



Dorcas Kaimenyi

Member since

May 2014

On-time repayments

251 installments  •  52%

About Me

Academically, I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Sociology from the University of Nairobi, pursuing a diploma in Project Management from Kenya Institute of Management. A masters specialising in Digital Communication is in the pipeline.

I consider myself to be an ambitious, driven and focused person who is striving to attain financial security through all legal means available. I believe that there is nothing impossible when you put your focus and energy to it. I am a firm believer in the science of financial intelligence and the importance of acquiring the same to one's quest to attain financial freedom.

My story thus far has been about learning to take the road less traveled, daring to take risks in organizations that have great yet to be attained potential and striving to help them realize the same. If I can describe myself in one word, it would be 'dream chaser'.

While it hasn't always worked out as imagined, the learning curve is a worthy payoff and like Steve Jobs famously stated, "The dots of life connect backwards". I journey on picking the lessons, fine turning my processes and adding to my skill and knowledge base. I am focused on chasing my dream.

The future holds unlimited potential and a great desire and drive to be financially independent at 40, have time to raise my children, enjoy more of life's little pleasures and the freedom to give back to the community and make a difference. To effectively answer the question, what would I be doing every day if money was not a driving force, why would I wake up each morning?

My Business

Kamwe Farm Fresh

After moonlighting in the employment world for a few years, I finally took the plunge and went into business full time. Its been two years of hair pulling sometimes but great excitement as I have learnt the ropes. The journey thus far has been challenging but exciting. As with all entrepreneurs, the biggest challenge I face is raising capital to finance my business ideas. Hence where I am here.

After trying out different business with mixed results, I ventured into the fresh produce and grocery delivery business in 2018. My anchor products are Arrow roots, sweet potatoes, Cassava, Yams and Butternut. I also sell fruits in season mainly mangoes, oranges, lemons and bananas. I choose these particular products because I can easily source them from my home area and many Kenyans are adapting a healthier lifestyle eating more wholesome foods.

The biggest cost my business incurs is the cost of the produce, I also have labor costs as I have one full time employee and also rental costs for my small stall. Marketing and logistics are other costs I have to cater for.For now, I am mainly using my profits to finance my daily needs and also pay for my capacity building as a mentor and coach. I also need to buy a laptop and house hold electronics.

Lack of an operating base was my biggest challenge and managing the delivery logistics. I now have a Kibanda (small stall) in Githurai market from where I sell my produce. I have also recently partnered with a small logistics company that will be handling my deliveries as they rise.

I am.looking to grow into doing weekly shopping for my customers and delivering to their offices or homes at their convenience. Eventually I look to scale and supply institutions of higher learning, caterers and hoteIs. I am also working towards securing a steady supply chain by contracting farmers and ensuring we are buffered from low supply and price fluctuations.

I plan to use the funding to increase stock as well as pay for a drop off and pick up center in Nairobi's CBD to ensure my customers get what they need, when they need it. Eventually I hope to purchase a van with which to undertake deliveries with.

The end game is to develop expertise and grow to become a business coach and mentor for youths interested into going into the fresh produce business.

Ultimately, I want to consult in the area of business growth, communication and marketing with a bias for digital marketing and management targeting Macro, small and medium business and Non profit actors.

Loan Proposal

I will use the money to increase my stock of produce, pay for marketing costs including social Media presence. Once I increase my volumes, by getting wholesale orders, I will absorb more from the farmers increasing their earning as well as support other small grocers by getting the the produce a a lower price.

I expect my profits to grow by 50%

Income Source

My business is in an essential service hence it has not been adversely affected by Covid-19.A sense of normalcy is resuming in the country and business is starting to pick.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jul 2, 2020

Repayment status


Projected term

12 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $20.76

Credit risk payment: $24.91



Chicago, United States



Bethesda, United States


Cudahy, United States

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Kevin N

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Brian Neilon

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Fairfax County Virginia, United States

Genuine Interest

Singapore, Singapore





United Kingdom

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  • Dorcas Kaimenyi    Jul 24, 2021

    Currently my biz is suffering cash flow problems. I hope things will get better soon.

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  • Dorcas Kaimenyi    Jun 9, 2021

    I had some unforeseen challenges that have set me back but the fight continues. Business is still not back to normal but we are coping with the new normal and adapting.

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  • Dorcas Kaimenyi    May 26, 2021

    While things are not as bad as they were in the past few months, its not fully picked up. Planning to repay 100 bon daily, will even put a reminder on my phone for the same.

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  • Dorcas Kaimenyi    Apr 24, 2021

    Business has been slow due to the lower spending by customers as a result of Covid 19 lockdown. The city is also under lockdown hence greater challenge in getting stock from up country.

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  • Lilian Kimko    Apr 10, 2021

    Good morning, I have spoken to Dorcas who is financially down but promises to repay as soon as possible
    Thanks in advance for your patience

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  • Lilian Kimko    Feb 26, 2021

    Dorcas was not available on phone but spoke to Agnes who has promised to check on her and know what the problem is and remind her to pay her loan

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  • Dorcas Kaimenyi    Jan 26, 2021

    Businessbis slowly picking uo but things are still tight.

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  • Dorcas Kaimenyi    Dec 16, 2020

    Busimess has been hard and cash flow a challenge. We keep pushing on.

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  • Timothy Ayemba    Nov 29, 2020

    Dorcus said cash flow has been a challenge

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  • Dorcas Kaimenyi    Nov 3, 2020

    Cash flow challenges. Trying to keep all my balls in the air

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  • Timothy Ayemba    Oct 8, 2020

    Kaimenyi informed me that she is working towards making repayment.

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  • Dorcas Kaimenyi    Sep 9, 2020

    As mentioned, the cost of the loan was a factor I didn't take into consideration and it has left me strained. However, I am working towards on time repayment.

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  • Dorcas Kaimenyi    Sep 9, 2020

    The reality is the installments are a bit on the higher side plus the cost of the loan has left me strained as I got a lot less money that anticipated. I will work to ensure that I am on time and clear the loan in the shortest possible time.

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  • Timothy Ayemba    Sep 2, 2020

    I talked to Dorcas and she promised to make repayment on Friday next week.

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  • Dorcas Kaimenyi    Aug 1, 2020

    This is mainly because of the cost of the loan and loan guarantee amount that meantI got 5,000 less and I had to find a way to top up.

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  • Rebecca Nyangena    Jul 30, 2020

    I spoke dorcas, she said her business got affected by the pandemic but its starting to normalize, she promised to resume payments this coming week

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  • Dorcas Kaimenyi    Jul 10, 2020

    I received my loan disbursement last week. I plan to use the money to increase the stock, renovate to increase voluminous space and do a bit of social media marketing. I grateful for the support. Ahsanteni na Mungu awabariki. (Thanks and God bless you)

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  • Dorcas Kaimenyi    Jul 2, 2020

    Thanks so much to each one of you for trusting me with your money especially in this season of lots of uncertainities. I was pleasantly surprised when I got the notification less than 24 hours after submitting my applocation.

    I plan to use the money to get a second kibanda( shed) that I will sell fruits from. The money will also help purchase the addittional produce that I will be selling once I get the space.

    I will also use it create to do some renovations in the one I have currently to create volumunios space.

    Thirdly, I will use the money to market and source for bulk and insitutional orders and hopefully some branding for the sheds. I will also boost my social media page.

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  • Dorcas Kaimenyi    Jun 30, 2020

    I am eternally grateful for the Zidisha platform and the lenders who have invested in my business. While the business environment in Kenya has been a bit sluggish even more so with Covid -19 realities. Being in the food business has provided a lot of opportunities for growth which I intend to capitilise on. Am looking to scale the business into wholesale and seeking corporate clients where I will hit bigger volumes,

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  • Dorcas Kaimenyi    Jun 24, 2019

    I want to maintain my credit rating.

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