Restocking hardware goods

Mary Katongo

Kitwe, Zambia

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Mary Katongo


Kitwe, Zambia

On-time repayments

5 weekly installments  •  100%

About Me

My name is Mary Katongo aged 20 years of age.I completed my high and I obtained good school results and I was selected at the University of Zambia to study medicine.At the moment I have a business which am running to raise money to pay for tuition fees.

My Business

I ran a small hardware shop and I sell different things and these are Electrical wires, cables, adaptors, bulbs, nails, building cement, paints and many more as required by my customer.Mainly I sell hardware goods and all building material.These goods are in demand because people are building and I sell very fast at a good profit.The profit I generate I use to pay house rentals, restocking and home improvement.

Loan Proposal

With the loan I want to buy all the goods that have ran out. Mainly I want to restock timber for wood, doors, glass windows, paints, cement and floor time. These goods sell very fast and are in demand at the moment because most people are building. They are selling very fast hence earning more profits in good time.

Income Source

Hardware business is highly profitable and there are no loses despite at time when business is hard and I record little sales. The sell nearly every day and I record daily sales of which I save the income generated per day. My Business generated good sales of which I will be able to afford and service my loan.






Anna Hoad

Toronto,  Canada


Trinidad, California,  United States

Loan Info

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Apr 20, 2021

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

6 weeks

Cost of loan

Service fee: 5% of $238.42 = $11.89

Credit risk payment: $38.11

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