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Cellestine Shisia

Kakamega, Kenya

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Cellestine Shisia

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January 2014

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About Me

‘My Name Is Cellestine shisia. I am a Trained pharmaceutical technologist and a self-taught fashion designer specialised in jewellery beauty and related fields.
I generally have a passion for Entrepreneurship especially that which is geared to creating
youth Employment. i have created a good base of customers within and outside the county.
I wish to use this platform to get funds to expand my project and increasing the number of
youth in self-employment because my dream is to employ as many young people and also empower elder women to be self sufficient. I have been able to use the profits to support several girls education and still intend to continue supporting them as they are still in school.
My plan to start my own pharmacy /chemist has finally materialised since I now have my own registered licence. with the extra profit I have been able to start putting things togetherbfor my own chemist.

My Business

I have been running 2 businesses; they are both Offline a beauty shop and bead work in kakamega county.
Since i got married i relocated to Mbita which is in south Nyanza part of Kenya on the shores of the lake Victoria. I had to go slow on my previous business and am now concentrating on running a pharmacy.
Having done a diploma in pharmaceutical technology and fully certified by the pharmacy and poisons board i have decided yo venture into pharmacy business.
Pharmacy business in Kenya is a lucrative business with extremely good returns. The start up capital is a bit high but with a small stock it can resyock itself to become a very big business in a short span of time.
I have been able to register my business as MICEN HERITAGE which cost around 10 dollars and registered the chemist with pharmacy and poisons board which cost 150 dollars.
Shelving and painting of the premise is done. I believe if i get to stock during this festive season the business will do well.
The returns expected at the beginning might be small but it will rise in 6 months slow by slow.
Good communication skills, neat and clean premises and fair prices will be my strong points inoreder to attract customers.
The premise location is very strategic . Its along a busy path at the market place.
As the premise grows i intend to employ one person at the beginning and increase the number as the need arises.
My dream is to own a wholesale pharmacy with a line of pharmacies in south nyanza region which will provide employment to a number of locals.
With the knowledge i acquired in class and experience during my internships i believe i will provide the best services that a pharmacy business requires to grow into a wholesale and i will emerge the BEST among the best with the help of God.
The loan requested will be used for stocking the chemist and marketing efforts of the chemist
I would like to come up with fliers, be able to open an online page in addition to my facebook page. with this i believe i will increase my sales and the profit margin will be great. thanks to the first three loans it has been able to help my business a lot and i believe this fourth loan is going to make things even better. thanks to the previous zidisha loans i was able to increase my stock and i can say the business did well and it enabled me to repay the loan 100% on time and even start a new and bigger venture.

Loan Proposal

This loan will help me increase my stock since most of my shelves are still empty and this will help me increase my profits by 100% and over.
I believe my profits will rise from 5000 a week to 10000 a week or more.
Inventory Kshs 50000
Renovations Kshs 10000
Drinking Water dispenser kshs 5000
Tansport for purchases kshs 2000
Miscellenious expenses kshs 3000.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Nov 9, 2018

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

6 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $29.95

Credit risk payment: $89.86



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