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Chidanga Chitupa

Mombasa, Kenya

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Chidanga Chitupa

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April 2017

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About Me

I'm an adult Kenyan citizen duruma by tribe living in kwale county,mwaluphamba location and working with the national police service within the directorate of criminal investigation as a driver/investigator. I was also blessed to be born by well caring parents who made sure I went to school and I made made sure that I did well in school due to my parents humble background so as to try and uplift their standard of living. I managed good grades in my class 8 and went to a high school after which I also obtained good grades. I was to join the university but finances didn't allow so I persued the military carriers that landed me in the police service. I soon after got married thinking that things are going to be easy when I shared with my wife but children begun arriving and I started hustling for their school and subsistence. I decided to open a retail business at ukunda where it is up to date. Though small,the business has helped sustain them and my wife runs u and down trying to stock it. It's my hope that it'll grow up to a wholesale very soon.

My Business

Our shop business is at ukunda sub county in kwale county. It is a small retail business but reliable because together with what I earn from my formal employment is enough to cater for my children school fees and the entire large family including my parents and siblings. Apart from these,I carry out subsistence farming which I would like to turn it to horticultural farming. I have drilled some water to enable this and with God's help I'll start irrigation soon. The draw back is lack of electricity but I'm aiming to get some cash from my shop and purchase a pump to start work.

Loan Proposal

With this loan,I'll increase my stock by adding items in my shop such as sodas and gas cylinders that shall make my customers comfortable and easy to do their shopping by reducing time taken moving from one place to another trying to look for the items they require.





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Classic Loan

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May 9, 2017

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On Time

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5 weeks

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Service fee: $0.28


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Jun 20, 2017


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