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John Ndumia

Nanyuki, Kenya

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John Ndumia

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November 2020

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10 installments  •  80%

About Me

Am John Ndumia a Kenyatta University students 3rd year doing earphones import from China and selling to students

My Business

My name is John Ndumia From Kenya my business is located at westland Nairobi deals with small import for now since of the low capital I have .I import earphones, headphones and charger cables and memory cards ,as we go buy and raise more capital I will start import of consumer electronics and fashion apparel..I love fashion very much and I noticed consumer electronics and fashion apparel in Kenya are on high demand..if I manage to do this I will partner with Jumia Kenya Killmall Kenya and Skygarden which are the giant sellers in Kenya right now and make more money. Thank you so much and God bless you.

Loan Proposal

This loan that will be lenderd to me I will increase my import from China since it's high than the other one that I was offered and it's better am will to a 100000 so that my sales can be good..

Income Source

Give this loan I will make sure the import are on the right track and field to avoid loosing a single cent how ever by repayment schedule is due I will buy import from China and within 3 days they will be arrived here in Kenya and what the sale will be I will sacrifice my self what I have to honor my obligations to you as promised however if I will not have sold anything from the store before payment is due I will just use my emergence money to honor my obligations and I will be on the safe side

My Videos

Mar 22, 2021: Unboxing my import






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Classic Loan

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Feb 20, 2021

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On Time

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1 week

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Service fee: $1.14

Credit risk payment: $2.96

Optional expediting fee: $3.41




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