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Serah Muzyoka

Livingstone, Zambia

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Serah Muzyoka

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August 2018

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About Me

Am a Zambian lady by the name of Serah Muzyoka .I was born in the year 1987 in the southern part of Zambia in a rural part of a town called monze. I started my school in the year 1995 at a school called Kaloba in Monze west after which i went to do my grade eight and nine in the Western part of Zambia at a school named Limulunga Secondary school in Mongu town. After completing my grade nine I stayed for about two years without learning due to financial challenges. However i proceed with my senior grades later and i managed to complete my grade 12 in 2011 at Masuku Secondary School in southern province of Zambia , though this was done under difficulty financial challenges. I'm currently pursuing a degree programme in Special Education and English at Victoria Falls University Of Technology in Livingstone town in southern province of Zambia and I'm in my third year.

My Business

I started a business to help me support my education and the education of my children. My business deals in buying second hand clothes(bales) and then resale them. These clothes are on demand due to the fact that they affordable to most people unlike new clothes in boutique s that are expensive. I chose this business because it was easy to start even with a small capital because one can start by just ordering few clothes from people selling at a slightly lower price and resale them at a higher price and make a little profit, so you don't necessary need to buy a bale when you're starting.Currently I manage to order two bales of second hand clothes at $400 ,in a week i manage to realise $135.00 with expenses amounting to $11.00 giving me a profit of $124 per week.

Loan Proposal

With the loan I will get I will be able to buy get 2 more than my orders I made previously and I will increase my profits by 30%.

Income Source

Am very much aware of the fact that covid has really affected many businesses.However am confident that will be able to pay back with my other sources of income even if my my business struggles.





  • David    Mar 10, 2021

    Loan was originally scheduled to take six weeks. Smaller, but regular, payments were made, completing the loan in six months. Thank you for your perseverance during these challenging times.

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Classic Loan

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Apr 6, 2021

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On Time

Projected term

6 weeks

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Service fee: $10.35

Credit risk payment: $28.99



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May 2, 2021


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Apr 16, 2021 $27.59 Apr 16, 2021 $27.59
Apr 23, 2021 $27.59 Apr 16, 2021 $19.57
Apr 23, 2021 $8.02
Apr 30, 2021 $27.59 Apr 23, 2021 $27.59
May 7, 2021 $27.59 Apr 23, 2021 $11.56
May 1, 2021 $16.04
May 14, 2021 $27.59 May 1, 2021 $27.59
May 21, 2021 $27.40 May 1, 2021 $27.12
May 2, 2021 $0.28