School fee for plant operator ongoing classes

Bonface Kigotho

Nairobi, Kenya

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Bonface Kigotho

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June 2015

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About Me

My names are Boniface kigotho am a member of a family of six and i live in limuru town and working for a Chinese company in Nairobi as a crane operator.
I love my family and my parents Mr and Mrs kigotho are both farmers.
I went to N gong technical college for a course in plant operation after i joined Kenya polytechnic for attachment then i was sent to Kenya pipe line to work as a forklift operator,
Luckily when the Chinese came to build roads in Kenya i secured employment with china Wu yi company to work as a crane operator,
My salary was low at the beginning but as i gained more experience it raise.
i want to get to the best levels and support my young brothers and sisters to study and become what they want in their life.
life is not that easy in my country due to unstable economy, raising needs and expensive cost of living so hard work is no option to me.
My country is a beautiful place from cool wether wild animals and ofcose fredome of movement.

My Business

Am a plant operator at china wuyi company in Nairobi currently undergoing road constructions in Kenya.
Am based at the main office and my work is loading and off loading heavy eguipments at the receive point when they get to the main site from Mombasa port.
Am paid 300 Us d which i use to support my family needs and education for my brothers.
i save 60 US D monthly.
i love this job because i have passion for machines i can drive dig with a shovel drive heavy trucks and even race in a rally.
after receiving 300 us d i get deducted 20 us d for hospital contribution and tax.

Loan Proposal

If this loan is succssesfully granted i will use it to pay for school fee balance 100 USD and 50 USD to cater for my basic needs and upkeep, as am ongoing with my classes i know to some extend i was late paying the loan but this was because of unavoidable situations i had to surpport a sick brother this made me spend 100 us dollars from the loan i took previously at the same time manage my work scedule this left me out of money and out of school for two months
Family issues and unexpected sickness made me miss classes for a while.
i wish to promise that i will alwas make payments for the loan mybe my work will affect ontime pay but when i have achance i will be payimng in advance.
If i complete this course i will earn more and even pay more for the loan.
thank you so much.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jan 6, 2016

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

6 weeks

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $6.24




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