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Mary Wanjiru

Kiambu, Kenya

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Mary Wanjiru


Kiambu, Kenya

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About Me

My name is Mary Wanjiru a woman aged 54yrsand a mother of 6 children where first born 32 and married while the 5 and 6 born are in St Paul University third year and fourth year respectively .
I was born in Kenya, central province kiambu county a place called lari, Kiambu is the richest and most developed county in the country, also this county is where you can find almost all embassies, un office and diplomatic residence, still this is where the first president and the fourth one come from. Kiambu is county with its own uniqueness since the most educated people and 50 percent of the business in country owner come from.

In the year 1985 I went to rift valley county a place called Narok to seek for green pasture there, as loving mother who would want his children to have meal and breakfast all together, I started business of selling oranges where at first did well but as time went on the business start doing bad since it could rotten even before I finish selling them I was selling oranges I thought of mixing with second hand clothes where I would live children selling orange while I was going door to door and town to town selling my second hand clothes, through patience and hardworking the business started doing well that I decided to do away oranges, business went well to appoint of moving from single room to 1 bedroom and to appoint of buying a plot there, After marketing my business I decided to open a place so people could be coming there instead of me going door to door and market to market.

As it was year 1992 when tribal crashes erupted between two community where they were putting houses in fire, during all this time nothing went in normal again neither having time to save anything only to rescue yourself and the children, the tribal crashes forced us out of there empty handed, where we went back to our homeland kiambu with nothing apart the cloths we had on. During this time only 3 children who had enrolled to school, during time of what had happened and going back home I was under stress for a long time without knowing what was good or bad, it come time when I was like this when I saw how hardworking my mother was just to make sure that she put something on the table for us to eat, that challenged me and during this time no children had enrolled back to school for about an year since what had happened.

It was one Sunday when my mum asked me what’s I was planning and if I was ready to live past and focus on present and I said yes, so she asked me what I was willing to do as to continue with life, after giving it although I came with idea of starting business of new cloths and here my mother took a loan to one of his friend they used to go one church together .it took 3 days to get the money where after receiving the money I went to town a place called Eastleigh just 30kelometer from my home, since the money were not that much I decided to buy some sorted and the one I knew would move fast according to my area, after I bought few mixer up of new cloths I went back home and the following day I woke up in the morning going door to door as I did when I was in foreign land, to be honest this business started well and picked so fast where it made me became the first person to sell new cloths in the area.

The job did well that I paid the loan that was given to me and still I was able to take children back to school (this is when I came to realize that business was In my blood) this business of cloths is what I have been doing and I was doing until when the whole world and everyone in the world was strike by this covid-19which have clipped everyone and every business especially young entrepreneur, for real the industry of cloths have become difficult recently since someone has the stock but people are not buying because everyone is struggling to see if he can afford to put meal on the table for their beloved one, while the other side as a seller you are forced to eat the little you have sine you have family too who need meal and breakfast too after all people need to eat. Now the question left in peoples mind is:
-what’s the covi-19
-who created it and why
-where did it come and when will it end so peoples live can come back to normal???

My Business

i have boutique business where i deal with new cloths and of recently i decided to mix with second hand cloths as to sustain all type of customer because since covid 19 pandemic things have worsen and all you need is to do all best you can to sustain family needs,i have also joined this business with mpesa.

Loan Proposal

if considered to be given a loan i will use it to buy:

1) 2 bales of second cloths=250$ by 2=500$
2) mix of all kind new cloths =400$
3)new cloths for new born =100$


Income Source

it true that covid 19 is there and that due to covid 19 many business have be affected so much but with this situation the business of second cloths have captured with more and with this it will be easier for me to be able to pay the loan in time since i already have my reliable customers and who always visit when new and an opened bales have arrived.





  • Heather    Mar 19, 2021

    fast repayment. Mary, I wish you and your customers the best!

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  • Ed    Mar 12, 2021

    Mary was great to loan to, thank you for the quick repayment

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  • Kirk Moore    Mar 12, 2021

    Thanks for paying back on time and best wishes!

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Apr 4, 2021

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2 months

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Service fee: 5% of $333.62 = $16.67

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