Seeds and seedling for vegetable farming

Simon Gitau

Mwatati, Kenya

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Simon Gitau

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June 2017

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About Me

I grew up in Nakuru town with support of both parents.Had a decent life till dad passed away while in high school. Mum strived to support our education, it was a real struggle for me and my 4 other siblings.I realized tough times were coming ahead so had to study hard.The difference between me and poverty had to be education. I excelled and joined local university for a degree in IT.Tuition fee became a challenge dropped out and that is when I started doing small gigs like sourcing clients who wanted cyber services and did it for them for a fee.Gained some experience and secured work at a friend's cybercafe .Saved for a year and that is when I started my own micro cybercafe.I live in a community where sugarcane is a major cash crop in a semi-urban rural setting. Education is not handled with due diligence. Through the cyber more and more parents are rising up to the challenge. More boys and girls are being educated and value is being added to their lives.I have a single child,she wants to be a software engineer.Am building a platform for her and other like minded children for a better tomorrow. I like playing football to pass time,I support a local team with basic items like football among other training kits.

My Business

I own a cyber cafe.Main business is to sell services at a fee.In this digital era there is a high demand for digital services and that is why I aligned myself to that path and tap into digital space,fully exploiting it.I am an IT professional thus I easily find gaps to fill within the digital space.Information is power,the emergence of e-governments and huduma centers has made more information to be online for citizens to capture and utilize. Setting up the cyber cafe was a timely investment. Costs involve including among others;internet bill,stationary,servicing and maintainance of computing devices and outsourcing for services I cannot provide .Profits accrued are directed to savings,supporting other siblings education and also supporting family sugarcane and maize farming and most importantly ploughing back in the investment to ensure even more better services.

Currently I am designing a framework to set up second hand merchandise division to acquire and economically dispose used but in mint condition items.

Loan Proposal

I intend to procure 5kg of seeds for $8 ,$6 for labour $5.5 for fertilizers.This rainy season is ideal for vegetable farming investment since there will be a high demand in a few months.This investment will really be a good one for ROI.





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Classic Loan

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Sep 8, 2018

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On Time

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1 week

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Service fee: $0.83

Credit risk payment: $2.49


Claire Lewis

Wales Uk, United Kingdom

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