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Salihu Arimiyawu Sariki

Kumasi, Ghana

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Salihu Arimiyawu Sariki

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July 2015

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About Me

I will be 35 in December; i am the only male and last born child in a family of six children. As an ordinary Ghanaian child, been brought up in Muslim dominated area and by Muslim parents, I grew to become a good practicing Muslim. I started my basic education in an English and Arabic basic school in my neighbourhood, where i had a good foundation in circular education as well as good moral and religious values.
During my secondary education, all though innocent i became a victim of a demonstration that was staged by the student body against teachers. I was wrongfully accused of been one of the leaders of the demonstration and was therefore suspended indefinitely. Living with a poor and illiterate family, i found myself in a very hard and difficult situation. But i was very determined to achieve success in life which i know the best way to succeed in life is to be educated. But my parent could not afford to pay for my education any longer after the mess i created. I realized that i can make some money if I commercialize my hobby which is photography. Thanks to God with determination i am now a graduate.
As stated earlier on, i started my own business as a photographer because i needed to raise some funds to carter for my education, praises to God i am now a professional photographer as well as a Bsc marketing holder . Also last year, i decided to diversify in to livestock rearing and selling and the business looks promising if i can raise enough capital.
I live in Aboabo, a neighborhood within Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly in Kumasi. A densely populated area, the people are mostly Muslims. The two major festivals that are celebrated in the area are Eid-Adha & Eid Fitr festival.
I have been blessed with four children two males and two females, the first child Arimiyawu who is nine years old was named after my father, he is in class three and wants to become a doctor in future. Zaliya is the name of my second child and so far the most brilliant of them all. She wants to become a lawyer in future.
My grandfather was a professional photographer and I have had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember. When I have finished a portrait session, wedding, or an event, I not wait to get home, load the images on my computer and see what I have captured. Then I love going into Photoshop to make them even better and presenting them to the client. It’s such a thrill and so gratifying when they love their images.

My Business

I am into livestock business where I buy, raise and sell sheep and cows for a profit.
It is a known fact that as long as humans exist, there will always be need for food and the two major sources of food for mankind are crops and animals. This lead to an increase in the demand for meat products in this world. As well, i found it very rewarding when i started the business. One of the major reasons why the demand for sheep and cow is very high especially in my community is that, apart from sources of food for mankind, the people of my area who are dominantly Muslims use sheep and cows for their naming ceremonies, sacrifices during Edi-Adah festivals and many other occasions like marriage celebrations, funeral celebrations e.t.c.
My choice for Sheep and cow breeding and selling as a business is because, it is very lucrative and a profitable venture, more especially if you raise a good number of them but to do that needs much or high capital. However, for an entrepreneur to succeed in such a venture, patience is required as well as understanding the cycles of your business.
Costs and revenue of my Sheep and cow Production business include;
1) Establishment Costs: These are those costs that are associated with the establishment of a new or transitioning operation. Examples of establishment costs include: Purchases of livestock, fencing costs, watering system e.t.c.
2) Variable Costs: These are those costs that change directly with an increase or decrease in flock size example feeding and medication.
3) Fixed Costs: Fixed costs or overhead costs do not change as a result of an increase or decrease in acreage. Examples of fixed costs include land taxes, rent and rates.
With the production of sheep and cow, the revenue or return is mainly from the sale of the livestock.

Loan Proposal

I run a retail store selling veterinary medicine. I am going to inject this loan into my business by stocking a wide range of of veterinary medicines. This will in turn help raise my revenue and increase my profit as well






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Classic Loan

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Aug 17, 2021

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6 months




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