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Eric Nyuguto

Karatina, Kenya

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Eric Nyuguto

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April 2017

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68 installments  •  87%

About Me

Am a gentleman aged a childhood was difficult as my parents divorced when I was 5yrs.I struggled throughout my education life but hard determination has enabled me to make ends meet,marry,raise a family and am educating my 2, sons.the going has not been easy but hard work pays.last month we welcomed our 3rd born.he is a girl.we are soo happy n have doubled our effort in order to cater for th family needs

My Business

I am a farmer:main crop is bananas,I rear daily cows and chickens for milk and eggs for sale.I sell milk and eggs in Karatina town,bananas are collected at the farm my traders.the farming has enabled me meet my daily needs plus educate my 2 sons.I make ksh25000 to sh30,000 a looking for ways to expand my farming business in order to increase profit.I have decided to start banana ripening at the farm in order to diversify and maximise profit.

Loan Proposal

I will buy a shaft cutter that I will use to cut fodder for my cows.this will make my work easier in feeding the cows hence I can be able to attend to other areas in my farm.a shaft cutter goes for $300.I have saved $293.I will b cutting fodder to tiny pieces feed the cows and store the rest. this way the storage space will no longer be a problem.feeding the cows will be taking 5-20 minutes in a day.this will translate into more time to attend to their work on th farm and increased profit as I will not require to employ somebody to feed the cows





  • Jane    Jul 14, 2017

    Great job Eric! Fully repaid and early !

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Classic Loan

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Jul 18, 2017

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On Time

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6 weeks

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