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Lucy Wanjiku

Marmanet, Kenya

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Lucy Wanjiku

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April 2015

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About Me

I am Lucy wanjiku. I have been operating an enterprise dealing with new clothes for about one year and eight months now which has been helping me sustain myself and cater for a degree of business administration that i am undertaking as well as increasing my inventory.
I started this business through my savings. I had been employed in other enterprises and this enabled me to gain skills and save an adequate capital to start my business which is progressing very well in terms of returns. I have also started another activity of selling sim cards to safaricom retailers at a good bargain. This business is making me visit places that I never knew. I therefore seeing it as both an adventure and a business. Am really glad that I was introduced to this business by a friend. So far it have not disappointed me
Apart from business, I am that ever jolly lady with a new mind who takes nothing for granted. I am working hard to expanding my business to a larger scale as well a enriching my skills and knowledge in business administration.

My Business

I deal with new clothes. I buy from bigger markets and sell at a profit.I specialize mostly on youth clothes.This is so because my business is located near the university where I have my store.The youths are also the majority making demand for fashionable clothes to be always very high and as a result we always have frequent sales.
Though i am a part time manager in my business ,this does not give me much problem because i spend very less hours in a day for my studies. At times ,i even have no classes for about 4 days in a week making me have as much time as I need.
I also have an assistant who helps me in the operations when I am in class .This makes it possible to operate the business from 8.00am to 6.00pm.
When I spend like $30 to buy stock , the returns I get is about $60 within 1-2months .After deducting all expenses, I get a net profit of like $20 each month. This money helps me pay my school fees and also increase my inventory to achieving a large scale enterprise.On vacations my business don't do so well because my market target is students who go home during vacations. This has made me come up with another business activity of selling safaricom lines to retailers on wholesale. I sim card goes at around $0.25 which I sell not less than $0.5.this is giving me good bargain because in a good market you can have a profit of around $20 or $15 , poor markets I can make $5 but it's still worth it. This the business that enables me to adventure with gains since I visit regions from glad for my businesses completes me. Am ever busy, whether on vacation or at school.

Loan Proposal

First am thanking zidisha family for the great support they have accorded me in my first loan . Now that I completed paying it, I am kindly requesting for their support in funding my second loan .I want to use this second loan in increasing stock for my safaricom sim card business which I have been doing for two months now while am on vacation. I do buy the simcards from safari com dealers and sell them in wholesale to safaricom agents. This means that I move from place to place visiting all the mpesa s around . I want to buy 5 boxes of lines which comprises of 100 simcards in each box. This will spend ksh 15000 of the loan since one box goes @ around ksh 2500-3000 , I will use sh 2000 in buying replacement lines amounting to 1000 pieces .The remaining ksh 2000 will help me access markets by using it as transport. I am getting a good gain from this because 1 simcards I get at around ksh 25 which I sell from ksh 40-60.on good markets I do make sales of not less 150 simcards .This means that I get around an equal amount of money that I spend in purchasing as my profit. I want to increase stock so that I can save the money am using on ordering or even getting those lines like fare and delivery fees. The mission of this business is to collect enough money that will help me pay my tuition fee which will be due from January 25th 2016.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Dec 29, 2015

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Projected term

40 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $7.48

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