Small scale farming

Nadine Lusambo

Mufulira, Zambia

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Nadine Lusambo

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March 2017

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About Me

My name is Nadine Lusambo, aged 30 .Born in the month of June on the 29 th. Am a single mother of one child,a boy aged 9 and currently working for Phoenix Assurance Zambia.
I was born in Copperbelt Province in Chililabombwe, in a family of three. Am the second born,the first is my brother and the last born is my sister. We were brought up by my mother single handedly reason being my parents separated when we were just in primary school.
Am currently upgrading my education for I didn't have a privilege to get my education to a higher level due to resources.
I have a son who is very ambitious and putting his level best in school for he wants to be a medical doctor.
My hobbies include reading and travelling. Visiting new places.

My Business

Am currently into farming, my land goes up to five hectares. In time of rains, I grow maize and soya and supply it to millers after cultivation.
My land has a stream that never dies up all seasons after maize and soya, I follow it up with tomatoes and other vegetables which I supply to local marketers .

Loan Proposal

This loan i am getting this time is for fertilizer again.I have more vegetables that i need to speed the growth before it starts raining,like cabbage.Want to cultivate as soon as can in time to prepare the fields for maize





  • David    Nov 29, 2017

    Success! The loan was paid off right on schedule. Thank you and good luck.

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Classic Loan

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Sep 20, 2017

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7 weeks

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Nov 17, 2017


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