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Xavier Kamau

Nairobi Buruburu Estate, Kenya

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Xavier Kamau

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May 2014

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192 installments  •  60%

About Me

I am a 37 year old loving husband and father of 5 children.
My professional background is in the aviation industry where I have 14 years working experience. I am currently flying for a local airline as a cabin crew.

I felt a need to start up a business in order to suppliment my salary so as to meet my ever growing family needs.

Over the years of raising my children I have bought many toys for them when celebrating birthdays and other holidays. This is where I discovered a void that I felt I should fill up. Locally I found it difficult to find good quality toys at affordable prices and this is where I got the inspiration to start my Toy shop business.

This would earn me extra revenue at the same time make my children and other kids happy and that is how MaToys Shop was established in November 2013.

I started off by buying my initial stock locally but now most of my stock I import directly from Dubai. This makes my shop stand out from the rest because I can offer more variety to my clients at highly competitive prices.

I also have a Facebook page for the shop called MaToys whereby clients can view the products at the shop.

My efforts were boosted recently when I was featured in a Tv show called Business Central which highlights unique business ideas that the youth have set up.

This helped in advertising and creating awareness of our products which has helped our clientele number to grow thus boosting our sales.

My Business

I am highly appreciative to all the lenders lenders that assisted me on my last loan. Business is growing and as we prepare to get the kids back to school I would like to venture into New ideas that will support my business when kids are in school.

I would like to apply for a new loan which I will use to buy a popcorn machine, baby clothes/shoes and cartoons on DVD's. Many parents have been asking for cartoons and educative dvds.

I have also being making popcorns at home and packaging them and I've seen they are doing well thus the need of a popcorn machine that will improve production.

I have been getting orders for new born items for baby showers , New born gifts etc. Items like clothes, towels, shoes, bags, milk bottles etc will do quite well and so I will use part of the loan to buy this.

I would therefore be very grateful if I could receive a loan of approximately USD 800 to help me acquire this items.

With the introduction of this new variety I am confident of attracting more customers and making more sales thus I'll be able to repay the acquired loan.

I am looking forward once again to your generous support and I thank you in advance. God bless Zidisha and all the generous lenders.

Loan Proposal

Dear lenders to supplement my toy business I would like to expand and introduce fast foods mainly chips,sausages,samosas etc and various snacks. This will be at a diffrent shop that I have already secured and setup.

I now need to purchase some equipment and licenses plus stock and I can get starter. I believe with the fast foods and snacks attracting people to the shop they can view the toys and do some impulse buying.

I look forward to your support and as always I am forever grateful.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Feb 5, 2017

Repayment status


Projected term

16 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $33.23



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