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Rachael Omondi

Ugunja, Kenya

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Rachael Omondi

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June 2018

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About Me

I was born in the great city in the sun, that's Nairobi Kenya I guess about 38 years ago when the burden of debt in Kenya was not as mind-boggling as it is now. In fact the word 'corruption was not yet born in this sphere of our amazing Planet - Earth.

I went to various day and boarding schools including the famous Asumbi Girls High school in remote parts of Kisii where eating bananas was a daily glory, native speech sounded almost vulgar in our dialect, but the sun still shone as bright as it did when Adam first saw Eve somewhere in Mesopotamia eons ago. I hoped to to become a career woman : an educationist of something like that but, life or do I say fate has a way of having its way, so I ended up doing business. That doesn't mean my value is staked at O level, far from that I actually think fate pointed me towards a more fulfilling and rewarding career, being an independent businesswoman. Putting the sky below my limits I have struggled and strove with aspects more confounding that that of the biblical Jacob who earned a new name: Israel, mine is a mantra-'yes I will'.

I received my wings to fly from my beloved husband for with his enduring support he has ensured that my head is always above the raging waters in the entrepreneurship world for he is as generous with his business ideas as he is with his material support. So from his savings he helped me establish a computer bureau offering services associated with the same. My sisters are also resourceful and help me whenever they can. I have also ventured into vegetable farming as I have realized that my community is more herbivorous than it is carnivorous! There entire diets must not miss green herbs in the name of kales/collard (a delicacy we fondly refer to as 'sukuma wiki) literally translating to 'week-pusher' - meaning it takes you through the week. It is a peculiar dietary habit, it makes them look like rabbits or worse, goats. Isn't it almost queer? Queer or not, for me it is a business opportunity as I can now dream of heavily investing in this farming business and ensure constant supply of green herbs-sukumawiki as I laugh all the way to the bank. I have about an acre of agricultural land which can sustain my rather ambitious plan as it is surrounded with streams from which I may tap sufficient water for the crop.

My children you mean! I call them 'I-don't-know' and 'not-me' for that is what they say whenever they don't want to admit misdemeanors, not that they are two I have five of them! The first one is called An'angel, then Uriel, then Heavens, then Paradise (she is autistic), then lastly, Justice, these are their real first names. All their middle names is 'Divine-something', like divinesplendor, divineglory, divine love, etc. I am 101% sure at the moment the first two wouldn't wish to be farmers, they would rather be some crazy engineers in some field or doctors or somethings like those. the other 3 are barely 5 years and below.

I love playing around with my husband whenever we are free, in fact anything we do is always some sportlike or we end up turning it into sport, we joke, we act , we sing and most importantly our greatest craze is work, oh we work, and love it like crazy.

My Business

My ICT business involves rendering all services associated with computer applications to the information society. I produce/reproduce, copy, transfer/share all manner of business documents and correspondences including internet services.
Information consumption has become digital and the need for it in my community is growing continually. I chose this business because I have the relevant skills and passion in sharing the same with people whose lives are touched and transformed by the same. This business had investment of about Kshs. 50,000 at start about 5 years ago, it is currently worth three Ksh. 300,000. I get an average of about Ksh, 2,000 income daily.

The Vegetable farming busines started off with about Ksh. 30,000 about 6 months ago and currently is worth Ksh. 40,000. I have a passion for farming and my community consists of 'herbivorous' residents who consume more of the greens than even the air they breath and so I need to expand this business venture.

I have two teen-agers in boarding high shools and I use my profits to ensure they are inschool, in fact An'angel is a candidate of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education KCSE exam this year. Uriel is in form 2.

I am desirous of expanding both businesses for their potential for more revenue and to build better housing for my family. For instance, I need to purchase a bigger photocopy machine, and install a solar power due to incessant electricity interruptions for the ICT business. For the vegetable farm, I need to install a solar powered water-pump to mitigate the dry spells that make farming difficult. I am hoping that one day my revenues will reach a point I can establish a home for autistic persons in my community.

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Nov 26, 2018

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4 weeks

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