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Damaris Okwuosa

Delmonte Thika, Kenya

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Damaris Okwuosa

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April 2017

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About Me

My name is Damaris Okwuosa,a female graduate teacher.Am the 6th child in my family. Raised by my mom. Trained as a graduate Teacher. I started business so as to substitute the small salary I earn. Am also a mother of 3 children. I recently enrolled in a business mentorship program sponsored by UNITAR AND ABSA.
It is mentoring women who are both in business and working life..this has helped me understand the business needs

My Business

I sell small fish, omena or dagaa in my neighborhood. I do this on small scale. I get a profit of about Ksh. 5,000/-per month. This business helps me to manage expenses in my house, am able to provide basic utilities for my children.I have also started a new side business still food related.I prepare snacks for school going children,these snacks sell very well in the morning. This has helped me to expand my income a little bit and to cushion me in the tough economic times.I recently concluded a business mentorship program sponsored by UNITAR AND ABSA am able to understand my customers and also understand the challenges women face in business.
Am also gaining more experience on how to grow my business.
I look forward to finishing my masters degree next year,all this is an effort to improve my skills and experience.

Project Proposal

My name is DAMARIS OKWUOSA am a secondary school teacher..In charge of about 50 students.
About 10 of them come from very needy homes and they may not be able to afford stationery for the exam. I intend to buy them these stationery with these funds





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Nov 6, 2022

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Maureen Masheke

Lusaka, Zambia

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