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Milkah Wanjiru

Gilgil, Kenya

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Milkah Wanjiru

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January 2013

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About Me

i am a young lady live in Gilgil town and my current occupation is self employment.I posses a diploma in business management second class honor.this Help me to be able to start my own business of selling ladies shoes.Started this business to keep my self busy as I wait to be employed but I came to find that having my own business is more profitable than being employed .I am able to cater for all my expenses and the profitI got from my business enable me to save a lot of money which i intend to buy a piece of land and lay down my own flats for renting

My Business

My business is about lady's shoes;When starting a shoes business, I will find it valuable to determine who My target market will be. This allow me to determine what type of shoes I am going to sell. I can sell low end shoes, high end shoes or both depending on what type of clients I expect to patronize My shoe shop. Nevertheless, i will find it notable to know that I will be able to sell to more people if I sell low end shoes. My shoe store business start up capital will also determine what type of shoes I will be able to sell.
Due to growing population and fashion change the demand for lady's shoe is very. high every one want to catch up and move with fashion.
It is still important that I acknowledge the importance of a brick and mortar shoe market business outlet because this is where I can display My products and sell directly to my customers. It is important that I choose a location where people can easily see and purchase My products . Setting up a shoe outlet in a mall or in similar high traffic areas would be a great idea and am looking forward to open a new outlet where more people will access my shop.I Also take my products to the market during the market day (two days in a week) this also boast sales.

Loan Proposal

the last loan was very helpful to me and it did shape my business and help to grow .mine is to offer lots of thanks to all of you lenders for showing generous contribution towards my business . am now using this opportunity to post a new loan application to at-least i supplement my stocks with new ventures






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Classic Loan

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Jan 28, 2016

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On Time

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3 months

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Service fee: $39.80

Milkah opted to pay $107.96 into the Zidisha Members Loan Fund in return for a higher starting credit limit.


Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States

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Apr 12, 2016


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Feb 14, 2016 $73.00 Mar 24, 2016 $73.00
Feb 21, 2016 $73.00 Mar 24, 2016 $73.00
Feb 28, 2016 $73.00 Mar 24, 2016 $73.00
Mar 6, 2016 $73.00 Mar 24, 2016 $73.00
Mar 13, 2016 $73.00 Mar 24, 2016 $73.00
Mar 20, 2016 $73.00 Mar 24, 2016 $62.00
Apr 12, 2016 $11.00
Mar 27, 2016 $73.00 Apr 12, 2016 $73.00
Apr 3, 2016 $73.00 Apr 12, 2016 $73.00
Apr 10, 2016 $73.00 Apr 12, 2016 $73.00
Apr 17, 2016 $73.00 Apr 12, 2016 $73.00
Apr 24, 2016 $73.00 Apr 12, 2016 $73.00
May 1, 2016 $73.00 Apr 12, 2016 $73.00
May 8, 2016 $57.35 Apr 12, 2016 $57.35