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Jared Oyuga

Malaba, Kenya

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Jared Oyuga

Member since

February 2018

On-time repayments

26 installments  •  88%

About Me

brought up in a small village in kimilili in bungoma county where i also completed my education from primary to secondary level.
i was brought up in a poligamous family hence scarce resources so i grew up through a lot of hardship .
i went through college after years of struggle and got employed at the a local drug store 
i moved to my current location to look for greener pastures where i hustled for years before opening my own phamacy
the original community has been very welcoming that i have blended with them socially and business wise
i want my children to have the best that i never had and not to go thruogh what i went through to succeed in life
i pass my free time reading articles and blogs online

My Business

i own a pharmacy that deals with sale of medicines and other drugs for both human and animal usage...more of a drug store.
these goods are important because every living thing needs good health care...this is very essential and basic in any community so it is highly on demand.
i chose this because it is both profitable and grows in a short span of time but out of it all i did it for passion ever since childhood i always wanted to be a doctor but ended up a pharmacist.
i incur costs like the local government permit and transportation cost for supplies from my distributor among other small payments and bill like morguage and electricity.
i use part of the profits to educate my kids and plough back the rest to my business...i also venture in agriculture

Loan Proposal

hi lender these loan will be an additional finances in the right direction since it will add up the stock am managing at these moment. there are various medicines needed especially now that we are entering the cold season of the year july and august. the medicines needed much are for cold and flu. and these loan i will be in a better position to stock them. thanks lender one more time for these assistance. God bless all.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jun 19, 2018

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

5 weeks

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $3.63

Credit risk payment: $7.27



Jake Gibson and Beverly Picardo

San Francisco, United States

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  • Jared Oyuga    May 21, 2019

    Hi these the type of disease that affected my normal being and made me spend more time in hospital. Psoriasis was my diagnosis.thanks.

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  • Jared Oyuga    Apr 29, 2019

    Wonderful people I was not available on these platform for some time cause of some ailment, but now am back and soon will clear areas. Thanks.

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  • Jared Oyuga    Sep 21, 2018

    hi, thanks have just received kes 10009. after deduction .these amount will go a long way in stocking my drugstore with needed medicines. my family and locals will also benefit largely on these. thanks and may God bless you.

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  • Jared Oyuga    Sep 20, 2018

    Much appriciation to you all for having considered me for these facility. will work hard to improves life and health for my locals. will also look into the repayments, will try and pay on time to attain my status of 100% like before.

    thanks much
    jared in malaba.

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  • alexalexalex    Sep 20, 2018

    Good luck Jared!

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  • Jared Oyuga    Sep 19, 2018

    hi lender its better to draw your attention on these new app issue. the engage your lender pot is not easy to access and not knowing what to do. please let me know if there another way out. thanks.

    jared in malaba

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  • Jared Oyuga    Aug 11, 2018

    Hi lender just opened the app and found you have posted me a total of ksh 7000 and some hundreds on top. much thanks because these will add my stocking ability within these month.

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  • Jared Oyuga    Aug 8, 2018

    thanks lender for having considered me for these loan, it will add my dug shop with additional medicines, in turn these will improve the health of my people and customers. once more thanks.

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  • Jared Oyuga    Aug 4, 2018

    hi lenders my request at these moment is, have waited for zidisha staff to approve my loan request since 21.07.18. but it hasnt been approved, there has been several request to upload my id which I have done but still haven been approved. Might it be my sickness that also made me pay my last loan late, could be a reasoned cause of delay,please assist me on these issue. thanks lender.

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  • Joost    Jul 27, 2018

    Dear Jared,

    Please don’t ever upload an image of your National Id. Card to this public screen! That puts you at high risk for identity theft!

    Please remove the photo by removing your comment.

    Ps. This is a place to communicate with your lenders,

    Kind regards,
    Team Zidisha

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  • Jared Oyuga    Jul 24, 2018

    hi, lender the just concluded loan made well for my business in terms stocking and even sales. but unfortunate crept in when bad health took me down. was hospitalised with a severe backache which ended me being admitted for a period of 14 days. thank onces more for your trust in me. will do hard to recup my repaymemt stature of 100% once more thanks zidisha.

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  • Jared Oyuga    Jul 21, 2018

    Hi zidisha, due my hospitalization I could not pay or make my repayments on time. but now am healthy and onces again am doing well. just paid the whole amount so as to be back in business. am looking forward cordial cooperation with you ones more. Thanks zidisha.

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  • Morris Momanyi    Jul 12, 2018

    Kindly note u missed ur repayment. Pay up pliz

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    • Jared Oyuga    Jul 21, 2018

      hi mentor. I was hospitolised for a backache problems in eldoret hospital for a period of two weeks. these made it abit had for me to make my payments on time. otherwise I have repaid the whole a mount today. thanks for being patient with me during these hard times. thanks may God bless you.

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    • Jared Oyuga    Sep 19, 2018

      hi guy am trying to access zidisha app bt its proving abt hard to go through and especially when reaching to engage lenders pothole. plse assist me know were to click next. thanks

      jared in malaba.

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  • Jared Oyuga    Jun 25, 2018

    Thanks lender for having once more considered me for loan which I got some few days ago. the finances went straight to the purchase of pharmaceuticals that were much indeed needed in my drug store. these has improved the lives of my locality and my family at large. hope to maintain the same relationship in future. thanks once more and God bless.

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  • Jared Oyuga    Jun 19, 2018

    hi lender just received $86.3 these morning as my loan. ones more would like to thank you very much for your first consideration of my application and subsiquent facilitation on time. zidisha group you've made me grow in both ability as well as financial. these will add the medicines mentioned there earlier. thank ZIDISHA.

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  • Jared Oyuga    Jun 18, 2018

    Hi lender these loan will do more in my drug stores life cause more needed medicines will be purchased. these will also add more profits boosting my life and my family plus the entire community. Thanks much more for being a shoulder to lean on during times of need. God bless.

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  • Jared Oyuga    Jun 14, 2018

    hi, lender hope these finds you better, just wanted to inform you about the delay in accessing the net through zidisha app. its been so much low since last month to present. for example i made my last payment of kshs 2400, last evening but upto now its not reflected in the system upto now. check on these. thanks .

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  • Jared Oyuga    May 18, 2018

    thanks onces more lender for i have just received $50 equivalent to kes 5000. these as earlier indicated will boost the drug stores i own in town and improve the health of residence of my town area. thanks zidisha.

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  • Jared Oyuga    May 17, 2018

    hi, lender these loan goes a step higher in improving my stock up. the money will entirely be used to purchase more drugs that are majorly needed during these season (rainy season) when majority suffer from all sorts of water borne infections secondly it will reduce the cost of purchase, when once bought in large quantity the prices reduces and means higher profits on sale. thank once a gain for your consideration may almighty God bless you all. TEAM ZIDISHA.

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  • Jared Oyuga    May 16, 2018

    hi, lender much appreciation goes to you for the kind heart you've demonstrated towards assisting my drug store so far. your special aid has enabled me to half way fulfil the task a head of me. a healthy nation. thanks.

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