Supply roofing nails to customers

Adzalo Believer Kwaku

Ho Bankoe, Ghana

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Adzalo Believer Kwaku

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February 2022

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About Me

My name is believer kwaku. My head seem big a little so my friends use to call me big head. Am a little big but my education was very bad. I attended my primary school at ho bankoe going to the general hospital but unfortunately my mother died on the way going to alight me at school . We were all injured but unfortunately for her she died. All that affected my education because my father was also following women and died out of food poisoning so my education was distorted. I have to work hard before getting myself through school . so I have managed to reach senior school level but cocoa schorlaship that I was given because of my uncle who was a cocoa farmer.

My Business

After I completed my secondary school I tried hard to further my education to the university level but I could not. So I decided to follow a friend who happened to be a carpenter. Through that I decided to learn the carpentry work. Because I respect anytime they need something at the work place am sent to but it . so I have this customer that I use to buy from and because she likes my when I buy from her she gives me commission. So I have taken it as a work to be a supplier. So if I realised there is work on going somewhere I will tell them I can supply their products like all the instruments needed for the work. When I should find favour before them then they will ask mW to provide. I will quickly see the woman and ask her to use her car to supply the goods and since I could speak small English but the woman cannot I have been come her secretary. After I supply the goods to the people then she will give me a commission. Since I have also learnt a little bit of carpentry I decided to work with the woman since she pays very well. So now I work as a sale man for the woman as well going to the field to work as well.

Project Proposal

When I raise the funds from the loan I am applying for or seeking. Since I know where to buy from and that's our shop. I decided that in this case is will look for another shop where the price is a little lower than our shop and I will buy from them so that I can make some little profits. I have been asked to buy roofing sheets, nails of different sizes, binding wires acrylic pains and tiles. But for the nail is a little bit lower at the other shop in town so I will buy from them to make a profit from them. I will pay the loan from them. Thank you





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Mar 4, 2022



Alexandria, Va, United States

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