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Jude Teye Angmor

Odumase Krobo, Ghana

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Jude Teye Angmor

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May 2014

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About Me

Jude Teye Angmor is my name. I leave in Odumase Krobo but i currently recide in Accra. I have a family of Four of which i am the first born. I am also a student of University of Ghana in Level 200. My town, Odumase Krobo face drinking water challenges and as visionary Ghanaian, I have decided to start a pure water business by selling a bag of pure water to community members through the help of zidisha loans. Also my house is located almost near to towns market. With this, selling and the distribution of the bag of pure water will be fast and also generate more income for my self and Zidisha.
This business will help to save my community from their water problems.
thank you.

My Business

I am into a pure water selling business of which earn income every week. It is a good business because of the community i leave in . This is due to the fact that, my community faces water challenges. The selling of the pure water business is very demanding but i have decide to extend my business by selling and distributing bags of pure water to the whole community. This will earn a lot of income.
And as visionary Ghanaian, i have decide to seek for loan from this noble company,ZIDISHA to expand my business. The loan will definately help my business to grow and also get more income to repay my lenders on time. This will go a long way to help me and the Zidisha company.
Thank you.

Loan Proposal

When i get this loan, it will assist me to improve my business. This is due to the fact that, water packaged in bags (water sachets) business is a very profitable business when done properly and well. The cost of the average size water sachets 250ml -375ml is almost USD 0.07 which is GHS 0.20 (20 pesewas). A bag contains 30 sachets of purewater which cost USD 2.10 which is 6.30 in Ghana cedis. In a day, i work hard to sale more than 30 - 50 bags to my communities which generate income ranging from USD30 to USD 105 per day. I normally make a profit of almost USD 0.70 on each bagged water or packaged of water. This is a very good markup with over 100% of profit margin and is most successful when in bulk to make a good profit. In my community, there is high demand of safe drinking water and bagged water is the best solution to provide safe drinking water at an affordable price. My community has a population of over 20000 - 30000 people of which 80% -90% lack safe drinking water. The bagged water do contains smaller water as compare to the bottled water, so people who lack safe drinking water buy more bags. This is because, the cost is low. Also, i have also decided to expand my business through the help of ZIDISHA loan to help other communities in Ghana that lack safe drinking water. This will earn alot of income to pay ZIDISHA and my CARING LENDERS on time.






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Classic Loan

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Sep 25, 2017

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2 months

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Service fee: $26.08



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