Maize, yam & cassava farming

Enoch Eli Diez

Ho Agortime Kpetoe, Ghana

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Enoch Eli Diez

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January 2016

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About Me

My name is Enoch Eli Diez. I am energetic young man of thirty years of age. l have ten siblings including me making eleven. six boys and five girls. we are not all from the same parents. Regardless of all that we still live in unity and love. I am single and a graduate of Junior High School. lt is rather unfortunate that l could not complete Senior High School. The desire of attaining high level of education is the flame that burns in me. Provision of solution to societal problems is my target. lt is never too late as long as there is life. There is an adage in my mother tongue that says, there are many ways to kill a cat. l still see an opportunity of attaining the best in seemingly hazy vision. There are human problems in all walk of life that need solutions. Our minds are unlimited in thinking. So as there is more for mankind to do to make a difference in life. There are times l felt though my dreams are shattered down due to lack of high level of education to actualize my societal and national expectations. My hope is raised by the achievements of great men despite their ugly past they had but through their persistence , insistence and resistance they could get to their destination of their vision. I am always assured of victory and success as l have not thrown in the towel in the face of life eventualities. Proliferation and productivity is my focus. Making a change of the ugly state of mediocre to an enviable state of success. l see everything to be possible in this world regardless of race , color , background and where one comes from. The condition of ones future lies in the channel of todays effort. What ones do today determines his tomorrow. Sowing a seed of industriousness to reap a harvest of perennial laughter and success.

My Business

l have been able to acquire two and half acres of land. l have been farming for almost four years now. The land is very fertile. l seasonally grow all kinds of food crops such as maize , yams and cassava. These food crops are in high demands in my locality and everywhere in Ghana. Cassava is normally used for making cassava dough and maize for corn dough. These food crops are used for preparing banku and Akple. They are local dish. They can be eaten raw after roasting. They are best used in preparing Banku and Akpele after grinding. Each food is served with okro soup, groundnut soup and palm nut soup. Cassava, maize and yam are in very high demands in my locality and in the country.

Loan Proposal

l want to use this platform to raise loan to buy food crops such as maize , yams and cassava for my farm. l keep some of these food crops in my store house for market men and women who come to purchase them in large quantities for their consumption and for selling. This loan will help me plant more food crops. Thank you.






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Classic Loan

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Nov 7, 2016

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389 months

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