Tertiary education fees and my sisters upkeep

Gabriel Arthur

Moree Junction, Central Region., Ghana

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Gabriel Arthur

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February 2015

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About Me

My name is Gabriel Arthur from the central region of Ghana. i was born into a family of Four which comprises of my parents and my sister and myself. unfortunately, i lost my father to illness at the age of ten and i and my sister had to be raised by our single mother. i went to school and i am a senior high school graduate.
My mom remarried when i was at age 15 and everything seem to have fallen back in shape. however, the greatest tragedy of my life came when i had only one month to write my final exams at high school. my mom got pregnant again with my step father and upon delivery, we lost her together with the child. i was broken and still had to write my final exams. Yet i did very well.
In school i was one of the best in my class and i worn several awards on speech days. one of the pictures i took is what i have used on my profile picture when i was given the best student award by the headmaster of Aburaman senior high school in 2012.
After leaving high school, i had the responsibility of taking care of myself and my younger sister so i had a job at a local fuel filling station where i have been working till today. as i write , i have received an admission into cape coast poly to pursue a diploma in accounting on weekend basis.
This means that i can still work and school at the same time. unfortunately the time to which the admission letter came is not favorable and the savings that i have is not up to the fees.
My employer has agreed to pay me my wage on weekly basis now due to the new development.
i am determined to pursue my education with zeal, learn hard and at least build a better home tomorrow.

My Business

I am an attendant at a local fuel filling station. initially, i was paid a month but upon my admission into cape coast Poly which is in the central region of Ghana i have arranged with my employer who have agreed to pay me on weekly basis.
i am paid some 800 Ghana cedis in a month which is a little above a $200 .so from now on, i will be paid $60 in a week.
With this new arrangement of my salary i can pay back any loan that will be funded or made available to me so as to be able to pay part of my admission fees so that i can start my tertiary education although i have been leveled against the odds.

Loan Proposal

When and if my loan is fully funded, i will use $200 to top up my school fees for school, then i will use $40 for books and other departmental registrations, $160 to feed myself and my younger sister who is now in primary six and the last $100 will be used to pay my sisters school fees and also buy some books for her to study well.
the effect of the loan will be numerous, to me it will be my savior as i am starring at a great opportunity to attain higher education and to help my younger sister as well so that she does not drop out of school since i am the one taking care of her.
In the long run, the effects of the loan will be seen in the life of many whom i have the love to help, i mean the needy. For three things have governed my life, the search for peace and the overwhelmingly pity for the suffering of many in my community.
as to how i will repay the loan, I am paid by my employer weekly so when i am paid $30 a week, i will be able to pay back the loan per the repayment schedule.






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Classic Loan

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Apr 29, 2016

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On Time

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63 months



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