Antony Kihika

Kiptagwanyi-nyakinyua Villange, Kenya

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Antony Kihika

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January 2013

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About Me

my name is antony kagethe kihika,i was born in 1952 in kajiado where my parent was a resident and also where thy have a farm. i was the oldest of 14 children of mzee kihika. i was the son of my father first wife because my father was having 2 wife's.and 40 acre of land. about my education i didn't go to secondary school i reach in std 5 as at that time many people didn't consider education as a benefit to any one, also my parent as the oldest son i was used to look for my father cattle after i gain 30 year i married my wife who is called jane waithira and with her we were blessed with 8 children, we migrate to kiptagwanyi after married because my father was having a shamba in this area.after i came to this area i decide to do farming of all king like dairy farming because in this area is a good place for farming dairy and also crop farming.

My Business

my business entail in dairy farming .i started this business in 1990 after i came to this area.i have been farming all type of farming , but the one i have much interest is dairy farming as it give me a good return at the end of the month.the business is very profitable in this area,like if you have a good dairy cow somebody can get at-least 20 lit re of milk every day ,at the end of month you get a good return.but i have been having a low giving milk cow.i have decided to change this boran cattle to a grade one that i will be zero grazing in my home so that i can get even 30 to 40 lit re of milk dairy. i have been looking for where i can get a loan without high interest late, but my neighbor give me a secret about zidisha, and because i ask him what happen as he was having cow same breed like me but he told me that he get from zidisha org. about a2 month now he have bought a good breed of cattle from the fund and i see he have develop from zidisha. the main challenge is high interest rate when borrowing locally that made people not to develop, high cost of feed, poor road in this area like when raining, high cost of living

Loan Proposal

thank you lenders for this opportunity to borrow the second loan from this organization.the first loan was a great help because i was able to add another dairy cattle and successfully get a bigger monthly payment from the company which i sell my milk this second loan i want to buy a helper machine,chuff-cutter,because if i get this machine i will be able to make my feeding work easier and production of milk will became higher and get more money to help my family. thanks






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Nov 27, 2013

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

11 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $410.26 at 4.83% annual rate over 11 months = $18.38

Service fee: $13.28



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