Lydia Wamucii

Githurai Progressive, Kenya

21% repaid



Lydia Wamucii

Member since

April 2013

On-time repayments

30 installments  •  23%

About Me

I am young single mother with 2 children and have completed secondary education . I live with my 2 children at Githurai Progressive and operate small beauty shop.

My children are in a nearby primary school hence they perform well in their academics and one of them will be sitting for the national primary education at the end of this year to join secondary schools as from 2014.

My beauty shop involves selling of various beauty products hence it's in demand because I am the only one offering the services in the community hence our estate is developing thus increase in population which translates to more customers. I also have a beauty service shop which involves offering hair services to the local residents.

The total earning from the two business, I use for upkeep and savings to facilitate expansion of my business and open a franchise also saving for my children secondary school fees.

My Business

My business is located in Githurai Progressive which is developing hence high demand for products & services due to increase in population.
My business involves selling various beauty products hence demand is high as women like keeping themselves neat & beautiful by purchasing new goods thus for me able to make high sales.

I intend to empower a young woman through hiring her if given a loan to expand my business.

My average monthly sales is Kshs 65000 and average monthly expenses is Kshs 37000 hence average monthly profit is Kshs 28000.

Loan Proposal

Thanks for the Zidisha Members who contributed towards my first loan and all that gave me the moral support towards my business. This loan I will use it to purchase beauty products as follows hair food Kshs 3 000, perfumes Kshs 3 000, synthetic fiber worth Kshs 3 000 , towels Kshs 2 000, blow dry Kshs 3 000, hair combs Kshs 1500 and 2 months rent each month at Kshs 3 500. I have also been saving hence I will use my savings to purchase some other new machines like drier, facial machine, uniform for the staff, furniture for the premises and painting and extra rent for another 3 months. This will enable me to give the business time to grow without exerting pressure on it by withdrawing cash for expenses.

I kindly request the Zidisha lenders to entrust me with another loan hence I will ensure to keep you posted and repay the loan in time.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Oct 16, 2013

Repayment status


Projected term

26 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $240.79 at 0.91% annual rate over 26 months = $4.93

Service fee: $17.62

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