Mary Mwarumba

Kikambala - Maweni, Kenya

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Mary Mwarumba

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May 2013

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70 installments  •  6%

About Me

My name is Mary Mwarumba.
Am 22 years old. Am the fourth child from our family. Last year i finished my secondary education. Am not employed but i run a small business which keep me going.
After completing my high school education i needed money to pay for my collage but my family could not afford to pay for it. As a result of it i stated a mobile cafe or you can call it outside catering. I normally sell tea and some snacks. And it's only in the evening i sell tea and snack. During the day i normally spend it preparing the snack and last tea. The evening is the business time.

My Business

After finishing my secondary education i needed money to pay for my further education and my family were not able to pay for my education. So i started this business (mobile cafe or you can call it outside catering).I normally sell tea and some snacks. I do sell my tea and snacks in the evening. In the afternoon i prepare the tea and snacks and i sell the in the evening. In the area there's other cafe and hotels. But all of them they dont have tea in the evening. They normally sell their tea in the morning. I normally go with my tea and snacks to the customers (i walk with it, i mean mobile) or you can call it outside catering. I sell my goods to shopkeepers, Taxi drivers and sells representatives the town area of Sun n Sand and other people. I started the business with one thermos holding ten cups only, but i have manage to buy two big thermos of five liters each and 40 cups. Each cup of tea i sell it at Ksh 20 and in a day i can sell about 70 cups. Which make a total of Ksh 1400. I sell snacks of Ksh 700. The total sell in a day is Ksh 2100. Expenditures are as follows. Five liters of milk each at Ksh 50. 2kg of sugar each at Ksh 120. Tea leaves at Ksh 20 and i buy wheat flour and other spice of about Ksh 600. I have a helper whom i pay her Ksh 300 a day. Total expenditure Ksh 1290. So am remained with 810 as my daily net profit. In a month is about 24300. it depends with the month (some have 30days others 31 February 28days or 29 days.

Loan Proposal

Thanks so much for the first loan, it has really help me alot. Right now I want to expand my business by hiring more human resource, open a branch in mtwapa a small hotel and also operate mobile cafe or outside catering. In mtwapa there's alot of demand because of the high population. So am looking or applying for a second loan. Thanks so much Zidisha and my lenders God bless you.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Sep 13, 2013

Repayment status


Projected term

67 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $189.13 at 5.59% annual rate over 67 months = $59.70

Service fee: $40.56

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