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Bahati, Kenya

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Teresia Muthoni

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February 2011

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About Me

My name is Teresia Nduta Muthoni. i live in nakuru county kenya residing at bahati near a centre called mailikumi, im born christian,im abusiness lady,since i completed my "o" level education i stated working as a business lady since dec 2009 upto date and i thank God for this far, I deal with cyber and stationaries

My Business

I deal with stationery business where I buy printing papers, exercise books, hardcopy books, cartridges for printers,Reams of fulscaps, all types of pens,all types of pensils, box files,spring files, and others. All these I buy at Nairobi which is the capital city of our country Kenya and resell them at Maili Kumi. As I wait for the stock to get finished, I do tysetting work, printing work and also have a cyber where people browse and pay per minute. I usually visit the academies around the area where I sell to them some past papers for exams which I have photocopied and bound to make booklets. This are very popular with the standard eight students and their teachers. The parents also buy some for their students especially those in the public schools because these public schools do not buy for their students. Sometimes during the festive season I print a lot of cards which i have been printing them at Nakuru town where there are heavy duty printing machines where i use money and time because i need to travel but now I want to buy my own heavy duty coloured printing machine which is costing 162,000 for printing my customers coloured cards which will attract many customers instead because i will not be wasting time to go Nakuru town for cards printing.I also want to buy a camera for taking instant passport , those students who completed class Eight and they are joining form one January 2018 will be required to have copies of passport photos during the admission day in form one,and most of them travel to Nakuru town where is a lot of conjestions and wastage of time, this camera is costing 20,500,and this passports photo will give me high profit.I will use the profit to expand my business,to buy photos materials and to pay for my brother's college fees who is taking his degree in economics and statistics

My name is Teresia Nduta Muthoni. i live in bahati near a centre called mailikumi, im born christian,im abusiness lady ,i deal with cyber and stationaries

Hi,zidisha team im very greatful for your kind support financially im bussiness is going very well. i would like to be given a loan of ksh150,000 so that i can add to the ksh200,000 that i have. i want to stock my stationary shop with 200 cartons of ream of printing papers each carton contain 5ream of printing papers each ream costs ksh 350 but i will supply to the institutions at ksh550 per ream making a profit of ksh200 per ream.

Loan Proposal

the loan will help me to be able to supply the institutions with all the stioneries that they will request me in the third term of the kenyan school calendar. this money will enable me to supply and be able to wait for the government to pay the free primary education money to those iinstitutions so that they can be able to pay me because they only pay after the government releases the money. when they pay me, i make a point of paying to the zidisha lenders and the profit help pay the school frees for my brother, pay the rent for my house and my upkeep. any surplus is used to expand my business so that i can be of useto my fellow mankind.






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Classic Loan

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Sep 20, 2012

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On Time

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7 months




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