To add 4 computers and speed printer to my cybercafe

Divican Tochi

Kisii, Kenya

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Divican Tochi

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May 2014

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321 installments  •  6%

About Me

Before I start to narrate my story first and fore most my sincere thanks goes to Zidisha lenders and to Zidisha as a whole fraternity for their great support for a warding me the first and second loan of USD 47.9546 and USD 311 respectively. Actually for these loans I managed to open a cyber café now of 7 computers.
Am a 26 years old yet married. I have one baby girl. I come from polygamous family, my biological mother being a second wife. From the stories I have, my father married my mother because his first wife was not bearing children which forced my father to go for the second wife. Later on the first wife started bearing children and my father neglected us. Coming from the family of five it forced our mother to struggle to venture into business mostly selling shoes and clothes. She managed to educate us up to Form four levels except our sister who dropped in form three because of financial problems. After my form four I joined Gusii institute, because I did not manage to go for my degree course. I managed to accomplish my certificate in Information Technology in the year 2010. From there I did not get a job so I decide to venture into business of being a technician of programming computers. Being in that time that in Kisii Town Kenya I had many people venturing in cyber cafe business, typesetting and printing, I was so happy that I used to format their computers, installation of internet and also advising them where applicable and I used to get a good token from my customers. I managed to marry in the year 2012. I raised a capital to start a business with my wife. We started a small shop of about Kshs 25,000 . I used to go for my daily business in town for self employment for being a level middle technician. I have assisted my wife to add a little capital of about Kshs 1000 per week. Today our capital can run up to Kshs. 80,000. My wife operates in the shop. When I had about zidisha I informed my wife Divinah and she congratulated me very much about the information and gave me a go ahead to borrow a loan from these lenders at least to enlarge our shop and for me to start a cyber cafe of about 4 computers since we can manage to get location to locate our new business as she will be operating our shop. On May 29.2014 and July 24 2014 I received Kshs 3,274 and Kshs.26,940 respectively, from Zidisha which I used to add stock for the first time and even I added 4 computers to my cyber café which today has 7 computers. My cyber has been doing very well since then and today am able to make a profit of USD 30 per month. While my wife is still operating the shop which also make a profit of Kshs.1500 per day.DIVICAN SAYS ‘’we have come from far but the go is not yet known, but with ZIDISHA WE COMFORT OUR SELF WITH HOPES’’.

My Business

For the last four months I have been receiving loans from Zidisha and up to some extent I am operating two businesses; a shop and a cyber café. My wife operates the shop and I operate the cyber café. At first I had the shop and when Zidisha offered me the first loan I added the stock to my shop and I used my savings to open a cyber café. For my second loan of USD 311 I brought 4 computers which had a high speed and I also added skype equipment to my cyber café which increased the flow of customers very great. Now I have decided to add some computers and even now buy a printer with a very high speed in printing to cater for the needs of my customers who have mass printing and most of my customers are university students who are working on research hence they do a lot of mass printing. I even make posters which need a printer of press printing. Now my expenses are just not high to hinder me not to repay my loans as illustrated below:
- Food: USD 89.5714 per month
- Clothing USD 50.3839 per month
- Since we stay in town we pay rent of USD 55.9821 per month
Note the following: we have agreed with my wife to cut our monthly expenses as follows so as to be eligible to pay zidisha loan if we qualify to be given:
a) On food: USD 6.71786
b) On clothes: USD 30.2304
c) Rent: USD 27.9911
This will add up to USD 64.93936 per month to pay our Zidisha loans.
Thanks Zidisha team.

Loan Proposal

Once I get this loan I will add 4 computers to my cyber café, buy some stationery and a modern printer. I will have to compete with my competitors in Kisii town by making my cyber cafe in a different manner. Since I am a technician I am very much aware of what other cyber cafe hold in Kisii town. For instance many cyber cafe do not have a modern way of having secrecy while browsing, instead when you are browsing there computers are exposed, which makes other clients to see what you are working on, another area that I will make sure to defeat my colleagues is the area of coming up with modern computers with a high speed which will save my customers needs, so far I will make sure to come up with a Skype and I will promote my customers with a waiver which most of business cyber cafe in town do not have, hence I need a high speed printer. I hope this will enable me to have many customers so that I will be eligible to pay my loans to Zidisha team. And for this loan if I manage it then I will save my profits so that in future I will come up with a college of I.T in Kisii town. I ask my self this question ‘if I managed to open a cyber café why not I.T College’?






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Oct 22, 2014

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Projected term

70 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $463.57 at 5.00% annual rate over 70 months = $135.31

Service fee: $64.68



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