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Anita Mwaniki

Nairobi, Kenya

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Anita Mwaniki

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February 2014

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About Me

My name is anita kalekye mwaniki.i am 21 years old. Am the first borne in a family of 3, myself and two younger brothers, victor munyeria and leon kinaga. They all look up to me and this has made me acquire a sense of responsibility which led me to start a business among other initiatives. I live with my parents and brother in kajiado county in an estate called Nkoroi just a kilometer or two from rongai town on your way to magadi.
i am currently a 4th year student at strathmore university taking a bachelor's course in business and information technology(BBIT). With the current unemployment rate in the country, there is no guarantee that after I graduate from school I will secure myself a job. I, therefore, had to think of something that I have passion for and I can come up with a business out of it to enable me make a living and earn money in the short run and grow it to something big in the near future. My passion lies in beauty products, clothing and accessories. This is an area that has a huge potential for growth and you can never satisfy the utility for such products as women will always try to look good.
I decided to start small and grow big by coming with up a beauty business called onyx beauties. I deal with sale of beauty accessories that I personally design. I am also a makeup artist and do make up during photo shoots and music videos. If I get the zidisha loan I will use it to expand my business by buying larger beauty kits and more ornaments to make more accessories for sale.

My Business

i started my business called Onyx beauties in June 2013. The reason i chose to use the name is because my business is all about beauty and aims at enhancing the natural beauty of the different women of different shades and color. i have done different online courses on beauty i.e cosmetics, make-up application and beauty therapies. i have also attended seminars and conferences to sharpen my skills. My start up capital was USD 100, which i got from my savings as well as parental support, i used it to buy products and kits for my work. i use the best of products in the market and that ranges from oriflame, mac, black opal, clinique and Mary Kay. My area of operation is within Nairobi as i perform my business from the comfort of my client's house, i have an established client-base with many of my clients being students and the young ladies in the working class among other celebrities and photographers who shoot videos. At the moment i do not have an assistant so I just work alone.
Other makeup artists charge a lot for a session of makeup. I charge only ksh.1,100 an hour. I do almost 6 hour sessions a week which equates to ksh.6,600 a week. Other than that, I also sell the onyx accessories that I carry in my bag whenever I go. Each accessory ranges from Ksh.150 to ksh.900. I makes revenue sales of up to ksh.12,000 a week. My expenses for makeups per person per hour equates to about ksh.450. I also remove expenses for transport. Per hourly session I can make profits of up to ksh.600. the accessories can give me up to 60% profits as the ornaments are not really expensive.

With this loan am hoping to buy more beauty kits and more sock for the accessories. i hope to get a place to conduct my beauty operations from and to be a household name in this industry in the near future.

Loan Proposal

thanks to the first loan given to me by zidisha, i was able to make business cards and buy more supplies for my business.My beauty business is doing better than before with an increase in my client base as well as income. if i am successful with this application, i will be able to advertise myself more and the services i offer through getting more and high quality business cards as well as hire an assistant as it is becoming more demanding. I currently make 25 USD on a good day and the least 15 USD. I can do 7 sessions a week a at the least. with your support i feel i can grow more and make my name known out there






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Classic Loan

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Jul 16, 2014

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On Time

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5 months

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Lender interest: $148.33 at 4.74% annual rate over 5 months = $3.24

Service fee: $2.45




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