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Mary Mwangi

Kiptagwanyi Center, Kenya

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Mary Mwangi

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February 2013

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92 installments  •  75%

About Me

mary nyambura mwangi is a mother of five children who are age between five and 12 year.i live in kiptagwanyi center which is about 43 kilometer from nakuru. i was born in kiambu district which is the one of 47 county in Kenya .i started my education in 1990 in kiambuu day school and complete primary education in 1998. i didn't join secondary because my parent could not afford to pay because of the poverty around our family. in 2000 i was married by my husband who we were bless with this husband was having hide and skin business till today is his job ,if you ask any body about a person who buy skin and hide you will be shown by anybody in this area.i started this business after we discuss with my husband about me having a business that will also support my family.

My Business

my business entail in posho mill and a small shop. i started this after my husband and i discuss how i can be doing to help her in family need.this business is profitable because at this area many people depend in maize flour to make local food called [ugali] which is the local favorable food.many people prefer my business as i have also have a shop where she or he can buy salt or sugar for the family.many old mothers prefer my service because even if she don't have money i help them so that after getting money, she can repay me back.the main challenge is high cost of electricity, poor road communication between villages, high cost of living

Loan Proposal

thank you lenders and zidisha organization for this second opportunity to have another loan from this organization,the first loan help me a lot although it was small it boost me very well in my posho mill business,in this second loan, i have started a new business so that i can care for my family better,i have a salon which i run it myself because in my posho mill, my son is running it very well and because he completed secondary school last year,he get something to do,so i want to boost my salon as it need some item to make it even better to serve my more please i hope you will fund me. thanks in advance






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

May 13, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

14 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $296.66 at 6.12% annual rate over 14 months = $20.95

Service fee: $12.08



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