Repairing my motorbike taxi

Jonathan Dzato

Lolobi, Ghana

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Jonathan Dzato

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February 2021

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About Me

My name is Jonathan Dzato.I am 21 years old.I come from Hohoe. I had my secondary education in Hohoe E.P Senior high. I have the ambition to continue my education to university if I can get help from somebody.I have five siblings and I am the third born.My parents are no more alive so I have been taking care of myself in school. I am into ginger farming and also okada.These are what helped me to complete my education.

My Business

My main occupation is riding of Okada.That is using motor bicycle as a means of transport to carry people from one place to another.This is what is helping me to cater for myself and my siblings.I also engaged myself in cultivation of ginger during the rainy season.

Loan Proposal

It was unfortunate that two days ago, I packed my bike along the road side but unfortunately the motor fell by itself.This has caused damage to the dashboard of the motor.Though, I am able to ride the motor but the lighting is not working. I want Zidisha to come to my aid to assist me buy a new dashboard.

Income Source

The motor is still in a good condition to work, therefore I will be able to work everyday and save the money and use some to pay for the loan.





Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Mar 10, 2021

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

1 week

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $5.57

Credit risk payment: $14.43

Optional expediting fee: $11.14


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Mar 22, 2021


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