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Abugri James

Bepoase, Ghana

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Abugri James

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February 2021

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About Me

I am Abugri James a trained teacher by profession. I obtained my diploma in basic education in the year 2016, with second class upper. After college I was posted to Bepoase Methodist Primary in the Ashanti region of Ghana,where I teach science, history, religious and moral education (RME) and physical education (PE). However, where I was stationed to teach, is one of places in Ghana where original traditional kente clothes are woven. I became more interested in the kente business and decided to learn how to do the weaving myself. So I started trading kente clothes in the year 2017. I have a group of people who weave for me so it's usually three weeks after paying them I will then go to them for the clothes. Furthermore, I have customers across all the regions of Ghana so when the kente clothes are ready i will then distribute to my lovely customers. Briefly, this beautiful kente cloth is woven using threads of different colours.The kente clothes are beautiful woven using the Ghanaian traditional designs such as sankofa, Adinkra Akofana and many more. I have been in this business for close to four years now and to be honest, this business has been my backbone. It has helped me in many ways such as paying my wards school fees and also in taking care of my mom. I heard of Zidisha through a friend and then decided to find out more about them. Through my little research, I have seen some people who have benefited from Zidisha, and some have had their businesses expanded through the support of Zidisha. I am therefore, taking this opportunity to wish them good health and ask God's grace for them. However, I'm also a hard-working young man with good human relationship and a family man with two kids. I am thirty-six years of age and would be very grateful if the hardworking team of Zidisha would lend me a helping hand in terms of financial support to pay those who weave for me and also to buy raw materials for them.

My Business

Basically, my business is soly about paying and buying threads for a group of kente weavers to produce beautiful woven kente clothes for selling to interested people all over the regions of Ghana.The business has been good ever since I started it in 2017. I normally, buy these these woven kente clothes from the weavers and then sell within the various markets across the country. My source of income comes from the savings I made from sales of selling the kente clothes. However, I also get some income from my salary when business becomes a little slower. My business has employed a number of people to help me achieve higher income and also has been my plan to be a successful business man in future. I am currently, expanding my business by increasing the clothes I purchase every three weeks and with this the profit keeps on increasing every month. This kente business has helped me a lot. I am, therefore,requesting this loan to purchase more clothes to sell to my cherish customers and this will go a long way in helping the livelihood of the people I hire to do the weaving in my community.

Loan Proposal

This loan will be used in buying kente materials for the production of kente clothes for sale. I have employed people who do the weaving for me. Usually, it takes a week in producing 6yards of Kente. I also do some of the weaving. The people have employed are paid weekly. If this loan will use it in expanding my business in terms of getting more people to weave and hence increasing the number of clothes I produce per week. This will help me to increase my revenue base. I hope my business proposal would meet your kindness consideration.

Income Source

Fortunately for me, the current situation has not affected my business. This is because the activities like naming ceremony, weeding, thanksgivings service, funerals and many other social gathering have not been affected by the current situation in my country. Therefore, my business is moving on smoothly, so the repayment of the loan wouldn't be a problem. I also do savings from the money I get from my business and so in case of any emergency situation, these savings will be used to repay the loan. However, I'm a teacher and so in case of financial problem my salary will be used as security. I have therefore put measures in place to counter any unforeseen situation.

My Videos

Mar 7, 2021: Kente clothes for sale





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Classic Loan

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Mar 8, 2021

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On Time

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3 weeks

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