Buy threads and materials for handmade mats

Hellen Festo
Nairobi, Kenya
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About Me

My name is Hellen Festo a mother of three i do make mats as a way of living and encouraging other women they can learn and make it in life.Life is about trusting in God and living your dreams i believe all that is true as we follow our hearts as the Lord guides us.I believe in starting small and raising up through encouraging each other as we learn new things too.

My Business

Self employed i make logos such as chelsea, asernal, etc and cartoon mats as per customer likes and desire. make toilet sets, bedside mats, carpets and car mats kept on the bonnet. Table mats usually used as decorative on the table, wall hangings,toilet holders, pillow cases for both the bed and the seats made from tapestry. Above all i make our flag that makes you admire the beauty of your country can be given as a gift

Loan Proposal

Hallo, am planning to buy threads which is 100balls for 7,600ksh and the tapestry of 5,000ksh have noticed when yo buy small portion of thread when you go back they out of stock so am left with unfinished work or an option of removing the thread which affects my time and disapointments cause of delays. I have marketed my product on door to door here in highrise and the response is great many are willing to buy ready made. With this i will be able to pay the loan and do some savings for my daughter's health issue where i will be able to save for the management cause it is costly. I thank God for getting to know about zidisha cause i know this is a break through and will tell my friends and family about this opportunity

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Buy threads and materials for handmade mats

Hellen Festo
Nairobi, Kenya

55% Repaid