To buy sewing machine

Hamdiya Mohammedgh

Accra, Ghana

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Hamdiya Mohammedgh

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February 2022

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About Me

Hamdiya Mohammed is my name. 30th June is my birthday. A young lady living on my own. I am a single. My parents are in the village so I make sure to send money to them every weekend to take care of them.

My Business

I am a smart and talented young lady. I runs a seamstress services. I sews women's clothes and works from orders, at shop. My old sewing machine doesn't fulfill some of it's functions any more so I need your.

Project Proposal

I will use this loan to buy a new sewing machine and, with the rest of the money, some sewing supplies. Thanks you in advance





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Pay It Forward

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Feb 15, 2022

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Service fee: $0.38


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